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What is CultureCon? 

CultureCon is a Certified B Corporation® on a mission to inspire positive change around organizational culture. By hosting conferences, online courses, and offering consulting services, CultureCon provides the necessary tools and motivation for individuals to become cultural change agents within their organizations.

Meet Nick Lombardino

Nick Lombardino is Co-Founder of CultureCon, uplifting social entrepreneur and community builder with experience growing organizations that drive positive change for individuals, companies, and communities.

Nick is passionate about building up communities and making the work environment a place where everyone wants to be, not has to be. Stick around as we explore what CultureCon’s all about and get into the mind of Nick Lombardino.

Q: How has the initial vision of CultureCon influenced its current direction?

Although the vision of CultureCon hasn’t changed since it started in 2017, Nick Lombardino elaborated on how the programming shifts based on the topics that are most prevalent to the modern workforce 

“Our programming and content  tend to trail the biggest macroeconomic trends as it relates to the workplace,” he says. For example, coming out of the pandemic, CultureCon created programming surrounding remote/hybrid work, DEI and employer branding, bringing thought leaders from across the world to deliver presentations that were top of mind for organizational leaders.

Lombardino often reflects on key issues related to building a better work environment:

  • As organizations, how can we make a workplace where people feel trusted and empowered to do their best work?
  • As individuals, what steps can we take to better understand our individual strengths and passions, and how do we integrate that with work?

Q: Who does CultureCon cater to, and what brings this diverse group together?

Lombardino highlights the diversity of CultureCon’s audience, stating, “Our demographics are extremely diverse. Everyone, no matter their industry or role, has a vested interest in wanting to make work suck a little bit less. Our audience reflects that idea.” 

CultureCon aims to make work more meaningful for everyone, from C-level executives to individual contributors.

workplace trends

Q: What are some things that attendees care about right now?

“We do an annual poll of our audience and ask them what are the top topics that are on the top of their mind,” Nick says. Recently, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reemerged as a major theme. 

Millennials and Gen Z care a lot about having mission-driven work. They want to feel  like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves and being able to go to work for a company that they feel is making the world a better place.

Q: The ai revolution – How do you effectively implement ai safely and not fall behind? 

In a recent study from Gartner, 81% of HR leaders have explored or implemented AI solutions to improve their processes and become more efficient within their organizations.

“Remember the switch to remote work? It showcased the power of technology to keep us connected and productive. But for many of us, it also highlighted something deeper—a yearning for genuine human connection. As we navigate the AI revolution, this lesson remains paramount.”

In Lombardino’s view, the successful integration of AI into the workplace aligns closely with CultureCon’s ethos—supporting environments where individuals feel valued, trusted, and empowered.

“It’s about striking a balance. We must embrace AI’s potential to improve our work lives while ensuring it serves to bolster, not diminish, our connections with one another. The future of work isn’t just technological—it’s deeply human.”

Q: How can tech like virtual headshots enhance human connections in organizations?

virtual headshot

“It’s not just the technology itself—the high resolution, the quick turnaround—that’s impressive. What really makes Capturely special is the personal interaction, the way the photographer engages with you, ensuring your true self is captured.”

He observes the transformative effect of such experiences, “Seeing how quickly people have embraced their Capturely headshots on platforms like LinkedIn is incredible.” It’s more than a professional necessity; it’s become a means of expressing their authentic selves.

“So I think people tend to think of Capturely immediately as a professional headshot, but I think it goes layers deeper. It’s hitting more intrinsically on who an individual is and pulling that out. And then people have that as a gift of who they are to share with the world.”

Q: Do you anticipate anything else in the future that is going to change the way organizations approach culture building and that employee engagement?

Lombardino envisions a future where organizations place greater emphasis on understanding and meeting the diverse needs of their employees. 

“This shift towards more personalized workplace cultures isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential for fostering environments where everyone can thrive,” he concludes, pointing towards a more human-centric approach in the evolving landscape of work.

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