We wanted to create a central place that businesses could turn to for headshots, business imagery & video.

Plus… We’re really cool.



We wanted to create a central place that businesses could turn to for headshots, business imagery & video.

Plus… We’re really cool.

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Getting useless content can be very costly, both in dollars and in time. Using stock imagery can make your business look generic. With budget considerations and personalization in mind, Capturely’s assembly line of specialists will collaborate with you and your team to create authentic images and video that showcase and humanize your brand.

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We are a team of creative professionals across the country, banding together to create a convenient, consistent and fun portrait and business imagery experience for America’s workforce.

Rob Eyler


Residing in Indianapolis, IN and always leading from the heart…he’s the Charles Xavier to our X-Men. Cool-headed in stressful situations, he has an exceptional ability to problem solve. He’s a go-getter; always pushing for the next level of awesomeness and forever supporting and inspiring his team like only a Leader can. But don’t let the CEO exterior fool you…underneath he’s a goofy, fun-loving Dad; with a boisterous laugh and impeccable taste in red wine. 

David Blackburn

Chief of Staff

Picture this. You’re Neo. You see all that green, digital code raining down the walls, encapsulating everything in sight. Are you in the Matrix? NOPE. You’re inside David’s brain. Finance & Accounting are what this guy lives for. He’s the intelligence behind all things business and the mastermind behind our HR department. Crunching numbers & creating formulas is his hidden talent. He eats spreadsheets for breakfast. He keeps all our Capturely ducks in a row…or column.

Brian Confer

Executive VP

Charming, relatable and a knack for pitching new ideas…this guy wracks up the revenue as fast as his Baby Blues can blink. Under that serene poker face, gallons of cold brew coffee (with vanilla) pound through his veins, charging him with enthusiasm for what he does.  His sense of humor and an innate ability to thrive under extreme pressure make him the ideal candidate for running Quarterback on all big accounts.

Leena Elias

Creative Director

Chicago bred and corn-fed, this pregnant Pandemic-Parent balances her career-baby with her energetic toddler by keeping her eye on the ball. With a background in Fine Arts, she has worked her way from in-house editor to Creative Director, developing each operational department along the way. She’s got that Midas touch. Give her a project and she’ll turn it to gold. She’s the supportive Momma Bear to our Capturely family.

Abdurahim Shahrani

Pre-Production Manager

He is the hottest commodity at Capturely because of his indomitable aptitude to organize, manage and plan no matter what is being thrown at him. He decimates a task list like a Championship Eater devours hotdogs at a State Fair. Recently promoted, he has earned a place on our leadership team ruling our oh-so-important Pre Production department like the Sun that all other operations must orbit.  Welcome to your throne, Amun-Ra!

Ajala Bandele

Production Manager

This doting Dad is an absolute Diamond in the Rough and we are so lucky to have stumbled upon this treasure at our favorite LA coffee spot. This go-getter has a thespian flair for guest service. Driven and passionate in his many areas of expertise, he elevates the game by hitting production curveballs out of the park. All around jovial, with a box o’ Wheaties smile, he is our Captain of Photographers & newly minted Video Department. Ahoy, Cap’n!

Teren Mabry

Post-Production Manager

Don’t let this pint-sized #GirlBoss fool you. Though she be little, she is fierce. Inquisitive with her “Quick Q’s”, this fast-learner brings a youthful exuberance to her role at Capturely. A quadruple threat; Management, Photography, Editing & Millennial. With a sharp eye for details & high standards, her laser precision could whip anyone into quality shape faster than Richard Simmons on Red Bull. All hail, the QC Queen! (We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!)

Liese Rose

Post Production, Editorial

One part Hocus Pocus, one part mad scientist, we salute this Canadian gal because she’s pure magic. Genuinely sweet, her trick is taking care of VIP retouching, pulling internal Post-Project rabbits out of every hat. This maple syrup sorceress makes blemishes disappear before your eyes with the wave of her Wacom wand. Hey Hagrid, forgot to get your haircut? Poof! She’ll fix it in Post. 10 points to Slytherin!

Chase Clarkson

Production Executive

Look beyond the chiseled jawline of this would-be GQ model and you will find a witty and charismatic dude. Working for our sister brand, The Headshot Truck, this Indiana native is getting into the sales groove at our LA headquarters. A Master at customer service, he’s always crushing calls and taking names (to call back). A lover of golf, good music & learning, all you have to do is meet him and you know he’s good people.



Chase Clarkson
David Blackburn
Rob Eyler