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Capturely is a professional corporate headshot photographer capturing individual, team, motion, and portrait photography.

Professional Headshot Photography for your business

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Put your best face forward with Capturely’s Professional Headshots & Portrait Photography for your business. Headshots are a universal marketing tool that allows you have a diverse digital presence through engaging imagery. Use new headshots for your website. Update your social media profiles with professional headshots and portrait photography. Bring life to your marketing collateral. Use headshots to increase employee engagement and humanize your brand. Drive traffic to your events or convention with VIP Headshots.

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Classic, professional, and shot on a white backdrop, this 5 minute session will get your team in and out efficiently while providing them with a consistent headshot for your website and internal communications.

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Our enhanced backgrounds are an add-on to our Express Headshots. Our expert retoucher will manually add a color, indoor, or outdoor background to all of your team headshots. This allows us to provide consistency at scale for your teams around the country and give you an upgrade from the classic headshot look. We can even customize a background specifically for your company brand.

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Your Leadership team often needs additional imagery for PR, speaking appearances, and marketing. We provide them with additional time with our photographer, which also includes multiple poses, jacket/tie on and off, and ¾ body shots to round out their portfolio. We can also add enhanced backgrounds to any Executive package.

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Portrait Imagery

We can capture authentic photos of your team-in-motion. Whether it’s at their desk, in a boardroom, or outside of their office, our photographer will bring out the professional brand of each of your team members in their environment. Portraits tell a unique story for each individual and are great for showcasing them on your company website, employer branding, and marketing.

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Capturely Headshot Photography FAQs

Getting useless content can be very costly, both in dollars and in time. Using stock imagery can make your business look generic. With budget considerations and personalization in mind, Capturely’s assembly line of specialists will collaborate with you and your team to create authentic images and video that showcase and humanize your brand.

Do You Deliver Photos to Each Person Individually? Or One Link For The Group?2022-10-04T16:57:41-07:00

We can do both/either. If you prefer each person to have their separate gallery (without the ability to see other people’s photos), then we would create individual galleries. However, if you want access to all team photos together, we will send you one link to a Collection of galleries.

Do You Offer Group Discounts?2022-09-07T14:25:18-07:00

Yes, we do offer volume discounts depending on the size of your group.

How Long Does The Shoot Take?2022-10-04T18:18:20-07:00

The time needed for a photoshoot can be as little as 3 minutes per person and set up time, or we can build in extra time for your team. Call  (855) 639-3297 today so we can find out what works best for you.

Can Your Photographer Come To Us? Or Do We Come To You?2022-10-04T18:19:43-07:00

Yes and Yes – Both options are available. We can arrive at your location and set up a pop-up studio in a small 10 x 10 area. Alternatively, we can also book a meeting room at a nearby location for all your offsite production needs.

How Do I Schedule Headshots for My Company/Team?2022-10-04T18:22:00-07:00

Please call us at (855) 639-3297 or Request A Quote HERE.

How Can I Use Headshots to Increase Employee Engagement?2022-10-03T18:39:40-07:00


What If I Don’t Know How Many People Will Participate in The Headshot Day?2022-10-04T18:23:44-07:00

We can start with the minimum number of people participating and add more time slots as needed.

How much do you charge for team photos?2022-10-04T18:25:42-07:00

Our team photo packages start at $350 and can be added to a group headshot package.

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