Professional Virtual Headshots for Remote Teams

Virtual Headshot Photography

A live Professional Headshot Session, with a Capturely Photographer, from the comfort of your own phone.

Studio Quality. Zero Headaches. Faster than a Coffee Run.

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Step Into Our Virtual Studio
Our Photographers. Your Phone.

By leveraging your smartphone’s technology with our secure app, Capturely’s photographers gain limited access to your phone’s camera capabilities, allowing us to guide you through an actual headshot session wherever you’re located. Our seasoned veterans can translate years of photography experience into a 10 minute, remote studio session to capture a headshot that outshines your best selfie.

Scalable headshots. Delivered in 24 hours.

More Than Just A Selfie
Capturing the best YOU in a virtual world.

LinkedIn says profiles with professional photos receive 14 times more engagement than those without. Treat yourself to a virtual headshot. Your profile deserves it.

Virtual Direction for the Perfect Shot!

On Location

Take your shot almost anywhere

Before & After

Cropped original  >>>  Final Product

No Glasses Glare
Fix out of place hair
Perfect Smile
Fix Blemishes
Our Post Production Specialists polish every photo.
Professional Retouching Included
  • Color Correction
  • Distortion Removal
  • Blemish Removal
  • Reduce Dark Circles
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Eye Sharpening
  • Clipping Path & Put On White
  • Color Correction
  • Distortion Removal
  • Blemish Removal
  • Reduce Dark Circles
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Eye Sharpening
  • Clipping Path & Put On White
Unify Your Brand with Customizable Backgrounds

Consistently-presented brands are 3.5 times more likely to enjoy brand visibility than those with an inconsistent presentation. Unify your team with an enhanced background, or let us customize a unique background with your company logo!

Get the Perfect Background!

No Job is Too Small. No Team is Too Big.

We have package options to suit both individuals or groups of any size. You can also partner with us!

Choose the Perfect Package!

Single Session

$69 /Session

  • Comes with Enhanced background
  • 3 retouched images
  • 24 hr turnaround time
  • Schedule immediately
25 Sessions

$59 /Person

  • Includes everything in Single Session
  • Custom registration link for your team to self-schedule
100 Sessions

$49 /Person

  • Includes everything in 25 Session Package
  • PLUS, custom-designed Corporate Background

More than 100?

  • Includes everything in 100 Session Package
  • Discounts starting at 25%
Want to add value to your customers?
  • Great for agencies, associations & platforms
  • Member Volume Discounts
  • Revenue Share Program

As Easy as 1-2-3

Easily Add Your Profile Photo to Your Favorite Platform

In most cases, your profile photo is your only connection and representation as a remote worker. Capturely’s Virtual Headshots are perfect for multiple platforms, including your website, HR systems, social networks, email services, and all other online communication platforms.

Platform Profile Pictures!

Capturely Virtual Headshot Photography FAQs

Getting useless content can be very costly, both in dollars and in time. Using stock imagery can make your business look generic. With budget considerations and personalization in mind, Capturely’s assembly line of specialists will collaborate with you and your team to create authentic images and video that showcase and humanize your brand.

Can I purchase all the photos taken during my appointment?2023-01-23T15:17:39-08:00

Sure! Your entire gallery is available for purchase upon request.

Can I get my photo on a transparent background?2023-01-23T15:16:53-08:00

Yep! Available upon request.

Can you help me with on-brand, custom backgrounds?2023-01-23T15:16:30-08:00

Heck yeah! Our experts are able to design up to 4 custom backdrops for your choosing! We highly recommend custom backgrounds for anyone looking to align and create credibility for their company brand.

How do you help my employees take good photos?2023-01-23T15:16:05-08:00

We use highly trained, professional headshot photographers that have experience working with thousands of clients. Each photographer can efficiently guide your employees through a painless headshot experience and have them back at their desk in 15 minutes.

What if I have a new hire that needs new shots?2023-01-23T15:15:37-08:00

Great! Book them directly through our site or call us if you need to add to your pre-purchased bundle package and we’ll get them on the schedule asap.

Do I need a subscription to purchase?2023-01-23T15:15:10-08:00

Nope! You can purchase on an as-needed basis. Buy one at a time, or save big with our bundled packages that allow you to buy 10, 25, or even a hundred at a time. The bigger the bundle, the bigger the discount.

What software do you use?2023-01-23T15:14:42-08:00

We use the Shutter App for photo capture and Photoshop for color-correction and editing.

Do I need to download an app to participate in a remote photoshoot?2023-01-23T15:12:23-08:00

Yes. You need to download an app to participate in a remote photoshoot.

How can a cellphone photo look like I had it done at a professional photoshoot?2023-01-23T15:10:40-08:00

In the hands of a professional photographer, your phone is capable of taking studio quality headshots. Understanding lighting, your body type and on-camera direction…our team can make your phone sing, making you look like the rockstar you are.

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