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what is a virtual headshot?

Our Capturely photographer will remotely direct and shoot virtual headshots using your device through our mobile app. With 10-minute sessions and 24-hour delivery, we create consistent and professional headshots without all the hassle.

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how it works

our photographer. your phone.

  • download the app

    download the app

    Our app prioritizes safety and security, ensuring that your data remains protected with no access to personal information.

  • book your session

    book your session

    Visit the Capturely Booking Page, input your contact info and your ID from the app.

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    In under 10 minutes, our seasoned Photographers will expertly compose your headshot and bring out the smile you didn’t know you had.
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    Polish it up

    polish it up

    Once your session ends, our photographers will download your top 3 images and send them off for editing & retouching.

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    24 HR delivery

    24 HR

    When your photos are ready, our team will email you a personal link to your gallery where you can download your images in high & low resolution.

choose your retouching level

Natural or Standard retouching is included with all our headshot services.

choose your crop

No matter which crop you prefer, all images are delivered as 3600 x 2400 px.

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personalize your portrait

make it yours

Brand it.

Swap it.

Crop it.

Shoot it.

if you nix it, we fix it!



Shopping for a Virtual Headshot?

Step into our Virtual Studio and experience remote photo capture with a real Photographer.

For groups of 25 or more, we offer a complimentary virtual session.

best ways to use your headshots

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best ways to use your headshots

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best ways to use your headshots

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best ways to use your headshots

meet the team

best ways to use your headshots

presentation decks & guest speakers

Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about our virtual headshot service for individuals and remote teams.

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  • What are virtual headshots?

    Virtual Headshots is a live remote photography session facilitated by a professional photographer who connects directly to your smartphone via an app for remote headshot sessions. Done in only 10 minutes, your best three photos undergo editing, color correction, and retouching, delivered in less than 24 hours!

  • How do I book new hires for a single session?

    It’s easy! Simply click the scheduling link provided to your company and have your new hire apply your company’s coupon code at checkout. Ran out of uses on your code? Call us to add more!

  • Do I need to download an app to participate in a remote photoshoot?

    Yes. The app lets our live photographer connect with you and conduct your photoshoot using the remote capture function. You may delete the app after all your photos from your Capturely session have been uploaded to the cloud. Deleting the app does not affect editing or delivery.

  • How can a cellphone photo look like it was done at a professional photoshoot?

    In the hands of professional photographers with decades of accumulated photography expertise, your phone can take photos that can be edited into studio-quality headshots. We also have a precise formula for creating the perfect virtual headshot.

  • How long is a virtual session?

    We can get you photographed in under 10 minutes!

  • How long does it take to receive my images?

    Only 24 hours.

  • Do I need a ring light?

    Nope! We use natural daylight, rain or shine.

  • I like to be prepared. Do you offer any preparation materials?

    We do! Every confirmation email includes an attachment with helpful tips on what to expect for your virtual headshot.

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For groups of 25 or more, we offer a complimentary virtual session.