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Corporate Headshots Photography

If you work in the real estate industry, you know how important it is to present good visual images. This includes your headshot. When people decide to buy or sell a home, it’s a long process. Potential homebuyers or sellers want to know the person who is helping them, and professional headshots are an excellent way for them to get a feel for who you are. This is the reason why home advertisements typically feature the realtor’s picture. You’ll want to make sure that your headshots are high-quality and that they give your future customers insight into the service that you’ll provide. Here are the six best headshot tips for Realtors.

1. Let Your Confidence Show

When people are buying or selling a home, they want to work with a confident Realtor. Even if you don’t always feel confident, be sure to display confidence in your business headshot. Potential clients will see a lack of confidence as a sign of weakness, which is a liability in the housing industry. Before arriving at the shoot, consider boosting your mental state by listening to a song that makes you feel strong and confident or try meditating. Some people don’t believe in the power of meditation, but it can calm you and help you tap into your inner strength.

Before the photographer takes your picture, visualize your future goals, and remember how important it is for your clients to see you as a strong, confident realtor. Choose your clothing carefully. Be sure to wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in. You might also consider scheduling an appointment with a hairstylist. When you look your best, you’ll feel more confident, which will show up in your pictures.

2. Hire a Professional Photographer

Hire a professional photographer to take your business headshots. While it’s tempting to ask a friend, who owns an expensive camera, to take your headshots, professionals are experts for a reason. Taking professional headshots is all about knowing what light will look best and coaching the subject to sit or stand for the photograph naturally.

A trained headshot photographer will take images that will show what you want them to say about you. This might include shooting the pics at a particular place, during a specific time of day, or directing you to pose in a specific way.

Once you’ve selected a real estate headshot photographer, be sure to ask if they will send you digital images that include basic retouching. If they only provide physical prints, then this will prevent you from developing your advertising campaigns. The cost for corporate headshots may be more than expected, but they are a worthwhile investment. Statistics show that articles with related images receive 94% more views than articles lacking pictures.

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3. Choose Your Backdrop Carefully

If you want to take your realtor headshots outside, then consider the backdrop carefully. This is your chance to make a statement about your business practices. You can also target a particular clientele. Select a backdrop that lets you advertise your real estate specialty. For instance, if you generally sell high-end residential homes, then have your headshot taken in a beautiful neighborhood. If your specialty is business real estate, consider taking your picture in front of a corporate building with great architecture.

You can also have your professional business headshot taken in front of a local landmark to connect you to a particular area of the city or region. If you decide to use an artificial backdrop, allow the photographer to choose the colors and textures. That way, you’ll have something that will work well with what you’re wearing.

4. Don’t Pose with Props

When taking your professional Realtor headshot, don’t pose with props like a smartphone or a clipboard. Also, resist the urge to stand near the home for sale sign. These additions will give your picture the appearance of being a stock photo. They don’t enhance your pictures. Instead, they will make your headshot look cheesy, and you’ll seem inexperienced.

Make sure that the focus of your corporate headshot is on you and getting a great picture of you, one with flattering lighting and a backdrop that’s interesting but doesn’t steal the spotlight.

If you’re planning to wear any jewelry, keep it simple and minimal. If you want to get a fake tan for your picture, be sure to get a practice one beforehand to make sure that you like its look on your face and body.

5. Store Files of Your Business Headshot

After getting your great realtor headshots, be sure to store digital files of them. Request the highest resolution available. This will make it easy for you to use the headshots to create personalized ads, post on various social media sites, and share them on your company’s webpage. According to statistics, images on social media sites like Facebook receive 20% more consumer engagement than videos.

A career in real estate means that your face will become a significant part of your brand. You’re selling yourself in addition to your experience. To start this process, you’ll need a fantastic headshot. Once you get great pictures, you’ll likely use them for years.

6. Prepare for the Day of Your Photoshoot

To get the best headshot picture:

  • Avoid the sun for a week or so before the day of your shoot.
  • Prepare what you’re going to wear for the pics well in advance. You can avoid being stressed the day of the shoot by ensuring that all of the clothing items you’re planning to wear for the pictures are ironed and placed on hangers.
  • Make sure that the clothing colors flatter your skin tone and look nice against the environment that the pictures will be shot in.

If there is somewhere to change at the shoot location, bring your clothing to prevent them from becoming mussed or wrinkled.

Go to bed in good time the night before your photoshoot is scheduled. You’ll want your face and eyes to look bright and well-rested.

Plan to smile in your photos. Research shows that people respond positively to those who are smiling. A smile expresses a warm, approachable nature. Future clients will feel more comfortable reaching out to you if you’re smiling. Practice how you smile in a mirror. One thing that works for some people is to perform a fake laugh. This will make your smile look more genuine in the pictures.

Corporate Headshots that Capture Your Best Side

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