Communicating with Your Photographer for Business Professional Headshots

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Despite what you might think, headshots are not just for actors. Headshots are advantageous for many reasons, including getting a leg up in your career! Quality business headshots can make or break the difference between getting the attention of a hiring manager or being looked over. To get the most out of a business headshot session, building a good relationship with a photographer is critical.

Come Prepared

Being prepared for professional headshots in Los Angeles is key to success. It will save precious time between shots, which in turn means you’ll have more photos to choose from. Coming prepared can also alleviate nerves. Arriving prepared involves doing some research beforehand to give the photographer a sense of what you’re looking for in your business headshots. This includes choosing a background and wardrobe that makes you feel confident and professional.

Know What You Want

The more you know what you are looking for in a headshot, the easier a session will be for you and the photographer. Be aware that your photographer may also have suggestions based on your industry, level of career experience, and even your personality. Ultimately, being on the same page as a photographer translates to better results for your career.

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Eliminate Nerves

Many people get nervous before the camera. In fact, being nervous about your headshots is normal! But rest assured that your photographer has plenty of experience and will make you feel at ease when your headshot session begins. Keep in mind that a skilled photographer knows how to capture you in your best light. He or she might make recommendations along the way to improve your photoshoots. Before the photo session, you can also contact the photographer to coordinate logistics, such as bringing several outfits, selecting the right background color, or discussing other changes, such as hair and makeup, that you might want to adjust from one photo to the next.

Time for Review

After a headshot session is complete, you’ll have the chance to review your photos with the photographer. The photographer will look at your images in real-time to double-check the fine details such as your hair, makeup, and choice of clothing for optimal results. Together, you can agree on your favorite photos and build a solid portfolio.

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If you’re ready to schedule professional headshots in Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Visit our website today for more information on scheduling an appointment with expert photographers at Capturely.

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