What to Expect During Your Professional Headshot Session

Your professional image experience will maintain high-quality standards whether we are shooting in your office, at one of our Premiere Workspace locations, at our North Hollywood Arts District Studio, or in our one-of-a-kind mobile studios.
Step #1
One of our professional photographers will greet you upon arrival. To get started, you will review the images you will be taking and what you will be using them for. If you have specific goals or preferences you will review this at this time as well. Once the photographer has an idea of what you’re looking for they will guide you through choosing the right backdrop. They will also help you with any wardrobe and styling questions you may have.
Step #2
After the backdrop is set up, your photographer will position you and will make any style adjustments that need to be made. This includes smoothing out wrinkles, adjusting clothes and jewelry, and managing hair. The photographer will make sure that nothing is out of place before you begin so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
Step #3
When everything is ready, your photographer will guide you through our headshot process. This includes: slightly adjusting shoulders, head tilting, smiling, everything that is required to take the perfect photo. You are in good hands, and our photographers are trained to make your experience as painless and easy as possible. Plus, you will be able to review the pictures in real-time, which gives you comfort and control for how everything is looking.
professional headshots
woman professional headshots
Once the session is over, your photographer will go over your photos to help you pick out favorites. If time is pressing, then you can trust our post-production team to select a few images for your review.
Within five business days, you will receive your photos, all of which will have been color corrected and properly cropped, delivered to you in a private online gallery. In the gallery, you will be able to download your images in high and web-resolution, apply any promo codes, and purchase any retouching.
Capturely | Business Headshots in Los Angeles
Working with Capturely is quick and easy. We want you to feel confident that you are getting the best quality images that can be used for exactly what you need. If at any time you have questions, remember that your photographer will guide you through the experience. To learn more about working please visit capturely.com.