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Tips and Tricks: How to Select Your Business Headshot

Once your photo session is over, there’s still one more step in the process: selecting your professional business headshot.

Depending on your intended look and where you plan to showcase your headshot, certain expressions will stand out more than others. For example, do you want a serious or warm look? If you want a warmer look, look at the photos where you are smiling.

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Your photographer will review your photos with you and provide helpful insight if you are having trouble choosing your professional headshot.

Next, review the composition of the photo. There are a few key aspects to composition in photos, which include:

  • Body position
  • Wardrobe
  • Background

First, make sure you choose a photo where you have good posture. Stray away from photos where you are slouching or leaning. Second, make sure your wardrobe is fitted and not appearing wrinkled or loose. Last, make sure the background is flattering to your skin tone and compliments the colors in your outfit.

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If you have questions, just ask your photographer. They can help you as a guide in choosing a professional headshot that speaks true to who you are.

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Our team is eager to start working with businesses and individuals once it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we hope you find these videos helpful and full of information to use in your future professional headshot experience. We’ll see you soon!