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Company layoffs are never a joyful experience. However, when it’s necessary to take this step, there are ways to make the situation as easy and positive as possible. Providing employment termination with dignity includes offering outplacement assistance. This may include bringing in a resume expert or offering professional headshots in Los Angeles. Outplacement assistance will help your workers move on to the next stage of their careers.


Like many companies during the economic boom of the roaring twenty-teens, you have maintained a positive influence on your organization’s reputation or employer brand.

You successfully showcased a positive perception of job seekers and employees, positioning yourself as an employer of choice.

Be that as it may, market corrections like the COVID19 pandemic have delivered a disorienting challenge to nearly every business in the world. Engaged employees can quickly disengage if we take our eye off the ball.

A Complete Guide to Employee Outplacement (FREE eBook)
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What Does Outplacement Include?

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Outplacement services help workers find their next employment opportunity. These services may include job search advice, resume assistance, interview training, career guidance, and job coaching. Why is it a good idea to help your former employees? Doing so can boost your company’s reputation. It will also give your brand a lift and show your remaining employees that you’re doing your best to support all of your staff.

Outplacement services make it easier for former workers to move into the next phase of their professional careers. You can give your people the guidance they need to figure out their career aspirations and point them toward their next employment step. Providing outplacement services usually helps your workers find new jobs quicker than if you didn’t offer it.

Coaching is especially helpful for longtime workers. Those who haven’t had to search for a job in years may not know about the most recent job searching trends. For instance, they may not know how to utilize LinkedIn or tap into Glassdoor. Long-time staff members will need a professional to show them how to manage their time while searching for their next position.

Consider offering a job searching structure as a part of your outplacement services. Sending out a resume is not the first step toward finding a new job. Instead, the first step is a game plan. People who choose a career direction that includes an appropriate list of potential employers will have a better shot at getting a new job more quickly.

Resume coaching is another helpful outplacement service. Once your soon-to-be former employees select a career direction, a resume coach can help them write their resumes to focus on their employer targets. If you’re terminating people away from the job market for a while, coaches will help them figure out the skills to highlight that will make them tempting to potential employers. Coaches will also show them how to list these skills in a way that’s modern and professional.

You’ll Be Doing the Right Thing.

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When you allocate funds and resources toward outplacement services, you’re doing the right thing for the people you have employed. Layoffs could be devastating even if you gave your staff a heads up about the situation. A job loss can impact a person’s state of mind, but by offering outplacement services, you’ll provide them with the help they need to find their next job. Outplacement services may even be something that helps them throughout their working years.

Outplacement Helps Companies Too

To attract top talent, your company needs a strong brand. While the current economic situation may require decreasing your workforce, that won’t always be the case. When you’re ready to increase your staff, you’ll want talented individuals to apply. By ensuring that the employees you’re letting go can focus on their future employment instead of on the frustration of losing their jobs, you can decrease the negative impact on your company’s social reputation.

These days, when people become unhappy with an employer, they’re likely complaining about it to close family and friends and posting about the situation on social media. They might say harmful things about your company on Glassdoor. You can decrease the negative fallout substantially and help those you need to terminate by offering them outplacement services.

Provide Peace for Your Remaining Staff

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When a company needs to do layoffs, the situation can negatively impact the employees who are still staffed. They may experience anxiety caused by worrying that they’ll lose their jobs as well. The knowledge that their former colleagues received help to regain employment may alleviate their concerns. This step can also establish loyalty since they’ll see that you care about the welfare of your workers.

Try to give employees advanced notice that you’ll need to lay them off. That way, they can start using your outplacement assistance while they still have income. This is the time when an employee is highly appealing to other companies. They’re also better prepared to enter the job market. Laid-off employees who land good jobs are more likely to recommend your company online or avoid making negative comments about it.

Severance Pay

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When an employee is terminated, he or she is entitled to severance pay based upon the terms of the employment agreement. Most employment agreements feature termination clauses. These outline a worker’s severance entitlement for an occasion when a person’s employment is ended without there being a cause, for instance, due to the COVID-19 virus.  Suppose a termination clause is not in place. In that case, the courts may suggest an appropriate term to an employment agreement, one that would require the employer to provide workers with a reasonable termination notice or make a payment in place of an appropriate notice in situations in which employment is ended without a cause.

COVID-19 is already impacting the economy, which means that many employers may find themselves in the tough spot of laying off workers without cause. If you don’t already have an outplacement service plan, it may be time to consider one.

Business Headshots in Severance Packages

Today’s world is a visual one. According to studies, people remember an estimated 65% of the visual images they see for as long as three days after seeing it, while most people recall only about 10% of what they read following this same duration. Including a headshot in the severance packages of your employees is a benefit that will last. By giving them a headshot for their resume, you’ll make it easy for your workers to update their profile information across various types of media, increasing their chances of obtaining employment somewhere else during a challenging time. Professional headshots will allow your former staff members to stand out from other applicants and show off their best side.

A Win-Win Situation

Outplacement services are suitable for companies and displaced employees. This type of service helps unemployed workers find new jobs more quickly, which means that they’re less likely to make negative comments about your business online and off. Professional headshots for business enhance outplacement services while providing your workers with something of value.