You Are the Face of Your Brand, Show It

young man professional headshots

The virtual world is a visual one. This means that people make decisions based on what they see, so the pictures that you choose to share matter. Along with this, your face is a representation of your brand. It’s important to show it in the best way possible. Make sure that your headshot corresponds with your brand.


Show it on Social Media.

According to a report published several years ago from eMarketer, 82% of consumers are more trusting of a brand when the founder of it is on social media. Create the best brand possible with a quality headshot. More and more people work online, and this has caused professional photography to become a popular service. Today, there are more than 194,000 photography businesses throughout the United States.


Keep it Current

If you are struggling with the idea of aging, then you may be tempted to exhibit an older and younger picture of yourself, one that you’re more comfortable looking at. Quell this urge and use a current one. If you use a younger one, then you risk irritating a client who may be expecting to meet a 35-year-old and is instead meeting someone who is 55. If you’re uncomfortable with the current you, then have your headshot taken by a professional photographer. He or she will not only know how to get the best shot of you, but they will also have the equipment and know-how to do a little Photoshop magic. A professional will know how to use the right amount of Photoshopping to make sure that you look natural.


Be Open to Something New

Show your brand by being open to something new. This could be something simple, like attending industry-related events or something more complicated, such as speaking at one. Consider participating in events that may not be in your field. This will help you show your brand, allowing you to reach a new audience.


Be open with your corporate headshots too. For instance, have your professional photographer take pics of you in unique places or use different photography methods. Let your photographer get a shot of you looking casual and relaxed instead of appearing in professional garb. This will give you an approachable look, which is sure to be perfect for your brand.


You Are the Face of Your Brand, Show It

While you may not be comfortable being the face of your brand, it’s important to embrace being its public face. Do this with your presence on social media and by keeping your picture current. Also, be open to new experiences. Show your brand with unique business headshots. This will help you capture the attention of those in your industry and future consumers.