How Imagery Can Build a Brand

young professional headshots

Branding counts whether you are a business or an individual. These days, how you present yourself to the world is likely to impact your career. Your image is not just about your body language, when you’re meeting someone or how you choose to dress, it’s also about how you’re seen on social media. Where do you want your image to take you? If you’re ready to move ahead, here are a few ways to boost your image and enhance your brand.


Be Mindful of Your First Impression

Studies done by two Princeton psychologists, Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov, determined that people form an impression of someone in less than a second. First impressions happen when someone looks at your face. It’s not something that they do consciously. People decide things about you within seconds of looking at your picture or meeting you. The types of things that they decide range from how smart they think you might be to your socio-economic status. Since you’ll never get a second chance to make your first impression on someone, be sure that the one you do make counts.


Consider Investing in a Professional Headshot

Professional headshots can help empower you in the virtual world. If you intend on your image taking you big places, then treat it professionally and hire an expert. Statistics show that individuals like yourself purchase 60.8% of all photography services. Your competition is doing everything they can to make the best possible first impression. Be sure to do the same.


Networking on Social Media

In today’s digital world, social media has become the best way to connect with others both in your personal life and your business. On its own, Facebook counts for more than 1,590 billion active users, while LinkedIn has more than 400 million members. Both social media platforms are great places to network and recruit, so you should consider taking them seriously by using a business headshot for your professional profile. According to statistics, 45% of employers use social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to scrutinize potential job candidates. Along with this, 8% confirm that they have fired workers for something that they’ve done on a social media site. To make sure that your image takes you where you want to go professionally, act professional online.


Where Do You Want Your Image to Take You?

Your image can take you far as long as you present the right one. With the photography market pulling in yearly profits of around $10.5 billion and growing annually at 1.6%, you’ll be able to hire a professional photographer who will have the skills to take an amazing shot of you, one that is sure to gain the attention of top recruiters.