Custom Imagery Case Study

corporate photographer

Who: Webster & Garino Law Firm

Industry: Law

Location: Westfield, Indiana

Campaign services: custom imagery, corporate photography, video production


Goal: Increase online visibility and conversions for people seeking a lawyer for personal injury, business, estate planning, agriculture, real estate, family law, and criminal cases.

Problem: Build a website and they will come, right? Webster & Garino, a small reputable law firm in Westfield, Indiana, had a desire to grow. With this goal, they did what many professional service provided do, pay to have their website updated. However, it wasn’t long before they realized their initial investment wasn’t paying off. Stock imagery and videos were not telling their story, leading to a bounce rate over 70% and a conversions rate less than 1%. They knew they needed to do something different, so they revamped their website and marketing plan, signed on with Capturely, and began producing consistent custom photo and video content to better connect with their community. This case study showcases the results.

Webster & Garino Case Study

corporate photography