Visual Assets Are Your Business’ Strongest Selling Points. Here’s Why:

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According to statistics, brands that present themselves consistently to customers are three to four times more likely to achieve recognizable brand visibility. Along with this, the average profit increase from presenting a brand consistently is 23%. There are many things that go toward developing a brand, but visual assets are your business’s strongest selling points. Here’s why.


Images are More Powerful than Text

The human brain takes in an image much quicker than it does a text. In fact, it does so 60,000 times faster. Keep in mind that people have been using pictures to communicate longer than text, so it makes sense that your customers are more engaged by images than they are by writing. An example of this engagement is on Twitter. The social platform sees five times more engagement when content includes images than on content without it. Image-based content also gets 94% more views. Engage your customers with images.


People Spend A Lot of Time on Social Media

Statistics show that people spend around one hour on every social media platform each day. For instance, people hang out on Facebook for about 58 minutes every day while visiting Instagram and Snapchat for 53 minutes and around 49 minutes each day, respectively. When you consider the trends, it appears as though people are only going to spend more time on social media platforms, which means that you’ll want to take advantage of this trend by posting visual content and posting it frequently.


How to Choose the Right Images for Your Online Presence

Be sure to post relevant images to complement your content. Use it to support your content by boosting a point or an idea that you are trying to make. Avoid posting images that are just filler. They’ll seem out of place and could turn people off. Instead, choose the best images by developing ideas about what you want to share with those who visit your online pages. Then, search for pictures or take ones that reflect them.


Image Options

Add pictures to your online content, pictures like branding headshots, team photos, and pics of your customers. Images of real people are a better choice than stock photos. Videos are another excellent image option. They are growing in popularity, so add them as often as you can. Infographics are a good choice too. Use them to tell your readers a story, one that includes statistics and data.


Impress With Professional Headshots

Keep in mind that most people form a first impression of something in just 50 milliseconds, so the images you post are essential. Be sure to get professional headshots. That way, you can share the best ones. Professional pics show that your image and brand are important to you, and this is something that will speak to your customers.

Corporate Headshots & Onsite Corporate Video Pricing
Corporate Headshots & Onsite Corporate Video Pricing