Corporate video content has drastically changed the landscape of business marketing.

Video provides many advantages in conveying complex information concisely and with detail. This medium is easily deliverable and engaging, resulting in an extensively growing demand.

As a result, businesses in every market sector are taking advantage of corporate video for various applications.

Corporate video is produced to communicate a specific message, attract and engage a target market, and/or provide tutorials and training.

From promoting your brand to showcasing your products and services, the possibilities are endless.

Corporate Videography Services

Instead of searching and reading through vast amounts of information and data, consumers today prefer the efficiency of acquiring the information they need from video.

But it’s more than just shooting video. Goal and Objective oriented content requires time, money, and the proper resources to get it right.

So from pre-production to post-production, Capturely professional video services deliver a step-by-step process to facilitate and ensure success.

We offer a wide selection of video service packages:

  • Showreels (Project and work highlights)

  • Product Demo Video (Value communications)

  • Event Video (Social and special events)
  • Location Video (Walk-thrus & Tours)
  • Testimonial Video (Customer or Client appraisals)

  • Explainer Videos (Marketing shorts)

  • Investor Relations Video (Corporate Communications)

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Product Videography Services

A product video demonstrates how your product works by seeing it in action. Video is significantly more engaging than the alternative of reading a list of key features and specifications.

They are quickly becoming the preferred way to communicate both the usability and features of your product to potential customers by demonstrating its actual value.

The Benefits of Product Videos:

  • Sales teams can use product videos to attract potential customers while saving time from having to explain key features via phone or email.
  • A product video can serve dual functions in the sales funnel. From Traffic and Lead Generation to Lead Nurturing and Customer Acquisition, they can serve as an explainer video by showing the product being used.
  • Consider including a strong Call-to-Action at the end of your videos, such as ‘download a trial’ or ‘buy now’.
  • Well-produced product videos should be easy to understand and purposed to show the product in use.
  • Product Videos are reusable and can be featured across your website, email marketing, and landing pages.

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Capturely Videography FAQs

Getting useless content can be very costly, both in dollars and in time. Using stock imagery can make your business look generic. With budget considerations and personalization in mind, Capturely’s assembly line of specialists will collaborate with you and your team to create authentic images and video that showcase and humanize your brand.

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