Upgrade Your Video Conferencing With FREE Virtual Backgrounds

In a matter of weeks, Zoom and other video conferencing programs have become the new norm for millions of workers around the world. In a time of uncertainty, offices, schools, and even friends and family are coming together virtually to stay connected.


With the quick adjustment to these new forms of communication, it’s been uplifting to watch people embrace life’s unfiltered settings. In crowded homes filled with kids, pets, and working spouses, there’s always a chance of an untimely interruption during virtual meetings. These little hiccups are what make us human.


Why Virtual Backgrounds?

Thankfully integrations with platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow users to upload virtual backgrounds during their meetings. Not only do they rid the element of distractions in the room, but they provide a fun and entertaining aspect to meetings. Try it, and I’m sure one of your coworkers will soon be asking how to integrate it into their setup as well!


Many of our worlds have skid in an uncertain direction. As we protect ourselves, our friends, and our families by abiding stay-at-home orders, we take it day-by-day. We can’t change our current circumstances, but we can provide support to those who need it most.


The Capturely team is right there with you, which is why we want to ensure you have the best tools possible for succeeding in business virtually. Click below to download our FREE Virtual Backgrounds Pack to spice up your next conference call or family chat.




Which Background Suits You?

There are many great virtual backgrounds to choose from, so how do you choose? The best way is to first decide the nature of your upcoming call. Is it a business meeting with a potential client? Could it be your daily team call with your coworkers? What about a simple family gathering?


If you’re hopping into a business meeting, it might be best to choose one of our modern living room backgrounds. We have multiple styles, for you to choose the one that best fits your overall brand. If you’re a team leader looking to have fun with your employees online, try something colorful and creative to encourage team bonding.