Three Simple Branding Tips to Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile

young professionals professional headshots

Today, most people use LinkedIn to build their professional presence. By adding a profile to the site, you’ll have a way of sharing your work experiences and talents with the people and the companies you want to connect with. If you’ve had a LinkedIn profile for a while, it might be time to update it. Here are three simple branding tips to elevate your LinkedIn Profile.


1. Boost Your LinkedIn Profile with a Photo

A simple branding tip that will help you enhance your LinkedIn profile is to add a photograph. Professional headshots make it seven times more likely that a future employer will find you. If you keep your profile updated by adding the details of your two most recent work positions, then it will be 12 times more likely for you to be found by a recruiter. Your picture is your virtual first impression, so select a professional headshot that is friendly and aligns with the job that you want. Be sure to hire a corporate photographer. That way, you’ll get the best photo for your professional profile. Corporate photography is a growing industry with the market taking in annual profits of $10.5 billion. There are many professionals out there who know how to make you look your best.


2. Publish Something on LinkedIn

The modern world is a media-consuming one. Participate and boost your brand by publishing something on LinkedIn. According to an article in Entrepreneur, the millennial generation spends around 18 hours each day consuming media. Today, LinkedIn not only helps you connect with future employers and other people in your field, but it is also a place where people can publish professional works. More than three million posts have been published on LinkedIn, while 30% of the site’s long-form publishers are millennials. Consider jumping into the fray.


3. Form Important Connections

Once you’ve completed your profile, it’s time to expand your network and increase your LinkedIn brand associations. Taking this step keeps your network active, helping to strengthen your global connections. With a dynamic, fresh profile, LinkedIn will give you more professional information about people who you know well, are slightly familiar with, or intend to meet with soon. People typically think well of those who are in good company. This means that expanding your LinkedIn network boosts your personal brand. Expand your network by connecting on the site with friends you trust, former classmates, and colleagues. Reach out to leaders in your industry, vendors, and other professionals. Elevate your profile by asking current contacts to put you in touch with others in their networks.


Use Simple Branding Tips to Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile

With technology and the way that today’s world works, each one of us needs a personal brand. Make yours more powerful with corporate headshots. You can also publish professional works and form valuable connections. Elevating your LinkedIn profile may help you land the job you’ve always wanted.