Why Professional Headshots Must Be Shot By a Professional Photographer

young professionals professional headshots

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and whenever a new phone is released, it generally comes with a new and improved camera. While the camera that comes with your phone is a great way to remember the everyday events that happen in your life, they aren’t able to offer you the same benefits as a corporate photographer when it comes to taking professional headshots. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that your business headshots are guided by a professional photographer.


Professional Photographers Use Professional Equipment

If you intend for your photographer to shoot you on location, then they’ll be taking your picture in your office, home or an outdoor location that is relevant to what you want to convey in your photograph. Expert photographers have likely spent thousands and thousands of dollars on their camera gear to get the best shots. They have access to quality cameras, lighting stands, and light modifiers. Professionals know how to use their equipment to make you look your best.


Artistic Vision and Direction

When you work with a professional photographer for your headshots, you’ll gain access to their artistic vision and expert direction. While collaboration is vital to ensure that you get the picture that you want, keep in mind that a professional will have experience, and they will be able to see things that you might miss with your smartphone. Finding something special in still frames is different than seeing things when they’re moving. An experienced professional will have worked with their artistic eye to capture images in creative ways, frame pictures thoughtfully, and consider composition. It will be to your benefit to take advantage of their experience.


Great Photographers Come with Great Editing

A major reason to hire a professional photographer is that they know how to edit. He or she will use Photoshop to make your final pictures as perfect as they can be, but they’ll also know which photos are the best. It would be time-consuming if your professional photographer brought you a big pile of photos and expected you to figure out the one to use. Expert photographers will narrow the pictures down to the very best ones and present you with a reasonable number to choose from. The editing process takes time and expertise.


Professional Photographers Have Experience

Being the subject on the other side of a camera lens can feel unnatural or uncomfortable. People need to look comfortable and relaxed when they’re having their picture taken. Professional photographers have experience working with many different people. They’ll know how to get you to relax so they can take amazing shots.


Looking Professional

Statistics show that businesses buy around 34% of all photography services. A professional photographer will take the best corporate headshots. When you appear professional on your company’s website and social media pages, current and future customers will feel more confident choosing your product or service.