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Professional product photography & video packages for Amazon, E-Commerce, print and all your digital needs. 







Your products want to shine… so let them.

How you showcase your products online will directly affect your sales and revenue. When you partner with Capturely, you have a team of professionals who understand your brand. We create product photography & videography that drives sales.

Speak with one of our Production Executives to start your photo and video plan. 



product photography for amazon
product photography
product photography for amazon


Our Cover Photos are a premium service for any product or group of products to show off and represent your product line. We expertly stage your products to showcase the depth and breadth of your specific brand so that your customers can get to know you at a glance.


product photography for amazon

Classic Product Photos

Classic Shots are perfect for E-commerce and driving revenue. We will shoot your product on a white backdrop, enhance it in Post-Production, and provide you with a clean, bright image on a pure white background.


product photography for amazon

Hero Shots

Our Hero Shots are a premium service which includes everything in our Classic Shots, but with a higher resolution, extensive additional retouching, and transparencies. Make your featured image stand out for web and print.


product photography for amazon


Upgrade your product imagery with lifestyles. We take your in-stuidio image and place it in front of a high quality virtual background expertly selected by our highly trained editors based on your product’s specific look and needs.


product photography for amazon

Single Shot

Do you have a high volume of product, but only need a single photo of each? We’ll shoot each product from a single angle and deliver one photo of each.


product photography advertising fuzionTherapy


Attractive infographic designs that suit your online business needs & improve your brand’s awareness.  Infographics must include at least one classic image purchase.


iron transparency from a product photography shoot


Included w/ Classic, Hero & Cover. Transparencies adapt to different backgrounds. Can be added to any white background photo, to be used on a variety of backgrounds.



360 Video

With this simple effective video, your customers will be able to engage and visualize every detail of your product, making the decision to purchase an easy one.  Delivered in both an mp4 and gif file format.



Showcase Video

Capture the whole story with an interview style video that showcases your brand. With Capturely’s modern, visual storytelling, your brand will stand out.



Brand Video

Dynamic video content & brand videos can grip your viewers’ attention and play on a variety of emotions, simultaneously, through visual and auditory senses. Includes royalty free music.





product photography


product photography

Carefree Crayons

Cap In America

product photography

Wax Apothecary

product photography



What kind of license comes with the images?2021-03-30T11:42:42-04:00

Upon final delivery, the photographs become licensed to you for use on a royalty-free basis. This means you are free to use the photographs in any of your publications as many times as you like, with as wide a distribution as you like, without ever having to pay us royalties for their use. We allow the use of these photos in all forms of publication including print advertising, packaging, web, television, etc. We do retain the copyrights for delivered photos and the photographs may not be re-sold to any third party without prior written permission.


For specific details, read the complete Terms of Service.

How do you deliver my finished photos?2021-03-30T11:41:26-04:00

Delivery of completed photos occurs via our online gallery!. Upon completion of your project, you will be provided a unique link. Use this link to find your online gallery to view and instantly download your high resolution images. We store your images online for 60 days so you have ample time to access and download them!

In what format are my photos delivered?2021-03-30T11:40:44-04:00

Standard product photos are delivered as a high resolution, 400 DPI jpeg using maximum quality settings measuring 3600×2400 pixels in size. 


Hero Shots are 7200 x 4800 pixels and are delivered in a .jpg format.


In addition to the high resolution image, your Hero Shot also includes a transparency version of the image in a PNG format.

What if I would like an image to be re-shot?2021-03-30T11:39:41-04:00

If we’ve made a mistake we will gladly re-shoot or edit the photos to make them right, no charge. Re-shoots for artistic or editorial reasons, or resulting from client error or omission will be quoted at the time of the change request.

How long do photography projects take?2021-03-30T11:38:09-04:00

Most projects are delivered in about ten business days, excluding holidays, from when we receive your products and payment. If your project involves a large number of photos this may add to the production time.


If a quicker turnaround is needed, rush service may also be available.


During particularly busy periods lead times may increase slightly so please feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to confirm expected production times.

Describe the process here.2021-03-30T11:35:23-04:00

You ship, we shoot. We edit the images, upload them to an online gallery which is shared with you. You get your photos, we return your products. We all have a nice cup of tea.

Is Parking Offered?2021-03-24T15:31:51-04:00

In most cases the answer is yes but parking availability varies based on location and date; detailed instructions will be provided upon booking and if you have any questions you will have a chance to review these details with your a pre-production team member before your session.

I have a product that is very large. Can you shoot it?2021-03-30T22:02:39-04:00

If you’ll be sending unusually large or heavy products, please contact us before shipping.. Products larger than 3 feet on the longest side are subject to an additional charge relative to the size of the product.

Do you ship my products back when you’re done?2021-03-30T22:02:52-04:00

Yes of course! Alternatively, we can donate your products to a local charity or discard them if you don’t need them back. Due to import and export regulations, return shipping is limited to US addresses.

Can I get a quantity rate if I have smaller projects?2021-08-16T17:20:47-04:00

Our rates decrease with a larger order because it is more efficient for us to shoot one large project than it is to shoot several smaller projects. Because of this, each project is priced separately based on the size of each order.

How do I pay?2021-03-30T22:03:10-04:00

We accept checks and all major credit cards.

How much will it cost?2021-03-30T22:04:11-04:00

The biggest factor in the overall cost of a project is the number of photos being ordered. Because it’s much more efficient to shoot one large project versus several smaller ones, our pricing model includes significant discounts as the size of your order increases. Detailed rates can be found on our pricing page.

Do you charge per-photo or per-product?2021-03-30T22:04:20-04:00

We charge per-photo. This means if you have two products and you want 3 photos each you will be charged for a total of 6 photos.

What’s Your Cancellation Policy?2021-03-30T22:08:45-04:00

Life happens, we understand. If you need to cancel or reschedule your Capturely image experience for any reason don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Contact us at (855) 639-3297 to discuss rescheduling options for you and your team. Any deposit or purchase made can be fully applied to a future photoshoot. Out of respect for our efforts and time needed to serve our clients we do not offer refunds.




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