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On-Site Professional Headshots

Woodland Hills in Los Angeles has an unbeatable combination of beautiful views and fantastic amenities. From the rolling hills to its towering palm trees, vibrant parks, golf courses and nearby shopping centers, Woodland Hills is an ideal place to call home.

The place also boasts some of the most desirable school districts in Los Angeles County with highly rated educational institutions such as Pierce College and El Camino Real High School. The famous landmarks of Hollywood and popular beaches of Malibu are just a short drive away.

Residents of Woodland Hills enjoy a diverse selection of restaurants, entertainment venues, art galleries, and cultural attractions. There are also plenty of recreational activities to get involved in including cycling, hiking, rock climbing, and golfing. The nearby Warner Center Park provides plenty of green space for outdoor enthusiasts to explore.

For those looking for more than just the great outdoors, Woodland Hills offers excellent shopping experiences at Westfield Promenade Mall and Topanga Plaza. Here you’ll find all the latest fashion trends as well as an eclectic mix of specialty stores and unique gifts for everyone on your list.

Every business, big or small, deserves excellent imagery to succeed in the digital age.  In addition to corporate photography, movies, and Amazon product photographs, we offer a wide range of services.

Capturely specializes in creating your company’s photo and video marketing material to boost engagement and sales. We take care of organizing and running your marketing goals so you can focus on widening your reach in the industry. 

Let us upgrade your visual communications with our cutting-edge imagery – it’s proven to be 44% more impactful than standard stock images! 

Our photography services deftly combine affordability and efficacy, allowing you to purchase premium photos without breaking the bank. Plus when booking for 10 or more people at once, you can save a whopping 15% on all of your photo needs!

Commercial Photography Services

Professional Commercial Photography & Video

Capturely is providing a priceless opportunity to companies of all sizes: access to visuals that are both high quality and affordable. By offering on-demand, easy-to-use photos we’re helping businesses unlock their potential in the digital world – one photo at a time!

Professional Headshots

Corporate President Headshot

Businesses in Woodland Hills can take advantage of our expert headshot services. Our mission is to help you present a polished first impression and give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

Elevate your industry presence and stand out from the competition with our professional portrait services. Our experienced team will work alongside you to create a unique headshot that captures your success-driven attitude in an ideal location, under just the right lighting, to ensure lasting impact on potential customers!

Our professional headshot services include portrait photography, which enables businesses to present their professional image, group headshots, and website headshots.

Our group headshots are ideal for companies that wish to capture the essence of their team members in a single image. We’ll cooperate with you to ensure that each person’s headshot accurately portrays their character.

For companies that want to feature the faces of their personnel on their websites, we also offer website headshots. Again, we’ll work closely with you to produce headshots that perfectly capture the culture and image of your company.

Product Photography

Businesses in Woodland Hills can hire us to photograph their products. Our objective is to offer eye-catching, high-quality photos that will draw customers and aid in growing your business. Let’s make sure everyone notices you! 

Our portrait services will help set your professional image apart from the competition. We’ll create a headshot that represents who you are and what sets you aside 

Our product photography includes website photography, Amazon photo prints, which will distinguish your products from your competitors, and product films, which are excellent for showing products on websites.

We are experts in creating images that are both interesting and expert. We are aware of how critical it is to get the ideal perspective, lighting, styling, and background to produce an alluring image for potential buyers.

Event Cinematography

Photography & Video For Business Events

Capturely also provides cinematography for business events in Woodland Hills and the nearby areas. Our objective is to give you top-notch videos that perfectly capture the essence of your event and can be used in marketing campaigns, social media, and websites.

We specialize in creating polished, high-quality videos with expert editing. Additionally, we provide live streaming options so you can see the action as it happens.

With your input, our skilled professional photographers and videographers will design a unique and affordable package. The crucial moments will be captured and notable speakers will be highlighted while we keep an eye out for any special guests or appearances.

For those looking for something different, Capturely offers aerial drone photography to elevate your event. Our drones can swiftly cover significant events and deliver breathtaking aerial footage.

Team Photography

Small Local Business Photography

Additionally, Capturely offers individual portraiture and team photography for businesses. Our talented photographers will create a package that perfectly expresses the character of your company and its personnel. For you, we’ll take expert headshots, group photos, and even lifestyle images.

We promise to deliver high-quality images that you may use in promotional materials or social media. We use cutting-edge digital technology. Additionally, when you utilize Capturely, we promise you will receive gorgeous pictures at a reasonable cost!

Capturely invites you to experience the power of stunning visuals! Our masterful cinematography will help bring your ideas and event visions to life. With our team’s top-notch services, we promise a movie production or photograph shoot that exceeds all expectations – no disappointment guaranteed!  

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Corporate Photography

Businesses in Woodland Hills can also get corporate photography services from Capturely. So whether you require headshots, group photos, or lifestyle portraits, our talented photographers can capture your team’s enthusiasm and produce breathtaking images that will wow your clients.

We use cutting-edge digital technology to ensure the quality of the results. With that, you’re guaranteed of getting great quality images you can use for social media, websites, advertising, and even for displays in your office! You can rely on us to make you appear your best since we understand how crucial it is to have stunning images representing your business.

Exterior Business Photography


Video Production

Every company or organization needs to have brand and video testimonials. Capturely offers top-notch video creation services to help you convey the spirit of your business and connect with more people. Our crew has a lot of expertise in making captivating videos that draw people in and keep them watching.

We specialize in producing corporate videos, promotional videos, interviews, explainer videos, product demos, and testimonials, among other things. In addition, you can broadcast your event to a bigger audience using our live-streaming features, which are included in our video production packages.

Transform your vision into vibrant, attention-grabbing videos that will help to elevate and establish your brand. Let Capturely be the partner you need on this compelling journey!

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Making pointless material is a waste of time and money. Stock images can give the impression that your business is interchangeable with others. The skilled team at Capturely will work with you to develop one-of-a-kind photos and films that highlight your business in the best possible way while adhering to your specific needs.

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