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From the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel to the exclusive Rodeo Drive, LA’s famed neighbourhood of Beverly Hills is a city of glamour and opulence. But there are secrets held within its residential streets; hidden gems waiting for curious visitors seeking something beyond what meets the eye! 

With its captivating architecture, breathtaking gardens and a diverse selection of dining experiences, Beverly Hills is not only the place to spot Hollywood’s glitterati but also offers an exceptional experience for all visitors. From cozy cafes to upscale restaurants – this city of stars has something unique that will leave you starstruck!

The neighbourhoods of Beverly Hills are known for their luxurious residences, but there is more than meets the eye when exploring the area. Atop winding roads lie historical landmarks such as Greystone Mansion and Park and The Spadena House (also known as “The Witch’s House”). Wander through the city’s tranquil gardens, such as Beverly Gardens Park and Will Rogers Memorial Park. Or explore its unique boutiques, art galleries, and one-of-a-kind shops on Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard.

Beverly Hills also offers an array of cultural experiences for visitors. Experience some of the world’s finest art at The Paley Center for Media or attend a concert in one of the many theatres located throughout the city. Tour iconic movie houses like The Academy Theatre or strolls through the historic Greystone Mansion. With all this city has to offer, it’s no wonder people from all over flock to Beverly Hills year after year!

Whether you are a local or a visitor, Capturely can help you capture the beauty of Beverly Hills. From engagement photo shoots to family portrait sessions and wedding photography, we specialize in capturing the unique moments that make up your special day or occasion. 

With our simple process and affordable prices, Capturely makes it easy for you to create beautiful memories for years to come. So don’t wait another minute – book your session today and start building lasting memories!

Commercial Photography Services

Professional Commercial Photography & Video

Are you looking for professional commercial photography and video services? Our team of experienced photographers and videographers is here to help. Let our team of expert content creators breathe life into your business and brand with mesmerizing images, videos, and multimedia.

Whether you need product shots, promotional materials, corporate event photography, or virtual tours – we have the expertise and passion for delivering.

Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots are essential to personal branding, allowing people to present themselves in the best possible light. A professional headshot can be used for various purposes, including LinkedIn profiles, resumes, websites, business cards, and social media pages. In addition, having a good headshot is essential for creating positive first impressions and building relationships with potential employers, clients, or customers.

Our professional photographers will work with you to create the perfect headshot that reflects your personality and style.

Product Photography & Video

Product photography is essential for showcasing your products or services in the best possible light. Whether it’s capturing lifestyle images, creating instructional videos, or shooting 360 product spins – our experienced team can help create stunning visuals to help your products stand out from the competition. We specialize in product photography, video, and multimedia content to showcase your products and services in their best light.

Corporate Event Photography & Videography 

Capturely Team On Site Business Photography

Capture the spirit of your corporate events with professional event photography and videography. Whether it’s for a conference, convention, meeting, or team-building event, our team of experienced photographers and videographers will capture your event’s critical moments, activities, and energy. Our photos and videos can be used to promote your business, create engaging content for social media, or just as a keepsake for your team.

Team Photography & Videography

Team photos are essential to business branding, allowing people to present their teams in the best possible light. Professional team photography and videography can be used for various purposes, including creating content for websites or social media pages and documenting milestones and achievements. Our experienced team will work with you to create the perfect images that accurately reflect your team and its mission.

Event Cinematography

Do you want to capture the highlights of your event beautifully and engagingly? Our professional cinematography services will help you tell the story of your special occasion or corporate event. 

Our team of video production professionals are here to make your vision come alive with captivating visuals. From the sky-high perspectives of aerial drone footage, dreamy slow motion shots and dynamic time lapses – we’ll ensure you have everything you need to tell your story perfectly! Our videos can be used in various ways, from creating promotional materials to viewing highlights on social media.

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