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We surveyed 50 of LinkedIn’s top influencers to take a deep-dive into the world of personal branding.



Your personal brand is a peek into who you are. Personal brands were less needed in the past since there were fewer industry authors, brand blogs, and notable online publications. The internet and the explosion of social media have changed all that. People want to experience personal connections. If you can create a human-to-human connection to your consumers, then you’ll be on the right track toward growth. Along with helping you create connections, the right personal brand lets you differentiate yourself from the competition. Here are three ways to invest in your personal brand. 

1. Define Your Brand with Professional Headshots & Corporate Photography

 With technology being a part of our everyday lives, we are inundated by visual images now more than ever. Social media profiles are full of photos and videos of our lives. Along with this, ads and pop-ups are everywhere. Since visual images are a major part of our personal lives, make sure that they’re a vital presence in your work life as well with a professional headshot. Your headshot is your first impression. It’s how you’ll introduce yourself on various platforms ranging from your website to all of your social media pages. Ensure that it’s one you are proud to share by hiring a professional for your corporate headshots. 


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2. Focus on Social Media 

 Today, social media is one of the best ways to promote your business and invest in your personal brand. Social media allows you to reach more people. Be sure to focus on distributing informational content that will satisfy current customers and engage new ones. When it comes to personal branding on social media, develop a tribe that will help you get your content out there. Research the strategies of those who have gone before you, the ones who have developed followings on current channels that your audience knows and trusts. Keep in mind that people value networks of trust. Use this to your advantage.

When it comes to posting on social media, you want to ensure your corporate photography matches your brand and portrays the image you have envisioned.

3. Seek Ways to Enhance Your Reputation as an Industry Expert 

 A great way to invest in your personal brand is to seek ways to enhance your reputation as an industry expert. Do this by accepting industry invitations. For instance, if you’re given a chance to author a byline in an industry publication or speak at a conference, then accept the opportunity. Doing so will give you a place to showcase your ideas and thoughts in a way that resonates with people. They are likely to be interested in your business, allowing you to grow your company.

Your Personal Brand is Important 

 When it comes to promoting your business, know that you are an important part of it. Make sure that your brand reflects your company’s objectives and your core business goals. It’s also imperative that your brand authentically shows who you are. Investing in your personal brand is a good use of your time and advertising budget.

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We surveyed 50 of LinkedIn’s top influencers to take a deep-dive into the world of personal branding.


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