Currently there are over 1.2 billion users on Instagram. That is roughly 15% of the world’s population. It’s the largest customer base ever, and it is open for any company to make use of.

Creating an Instagram account is simple and most importantly free, so there is no limit on how expansive your business can build its following. Therefore, why not use this to the best of your advantage? Today I am going to walk you through some of the best ways you can use Instagram as a marketing tool.

Use a Business Account

Switching your account to a business account costs you nothing, but benefits you in more ways than one. One advantage of changing to a business account, is that you are able to create easily-accessible pathways for direct customer contact. As a business account you can create one-click buttons that allow customers to contact you directly which makes the customer experience as easy as it gets.

Not only can a business account generate more interaction and growth, but it provides you with valuable statistical insights. These insights display what kind of posts generate the most interaction, which can be used to decide what content is most valuable to your business because nowadays engagement type and engagement amount on your posts is more important than the amount of likes the post receives. Additional general and more complex post insights are provided free by Instagram with a business account, and an account can be switched to business mode at any time. Simply go to settings and switch your account with the “Switch to Business Account” button.

Know When to Use Different Types of Content
Instagram provides users with many different ways to share, which can be overwhelming at times. Properly utilizing the different forms of media can set you apart from your competitors on a saturated platform. Below is a quick and easy guide as to how each type of content can be optimally used to promote your brand.

Instagram Story: Stories are quick and easy ways to share content that your followers are likely to see. Oftentimes your followers will not see every one of your posts on their feeds, but they will more likely scroll through hundreds of stories. Stories can be used to promote your posts, advertise your product or simply to wish your followers a happy new year. Stories are also a great way to interact with your audience. You can set up simple polls and questions that your followers can complete which can be useful for some basic market testing.


Instagram Video Reel: With the recent explosion in popularity of the app TikTok, other social media outlets have been forced to hop on the bandwagon. Instagram Reels is Instagram’s version of TikTok; where users can simply swipe up as many times as they want and watch short videos, or “reels” that Instagram pops up on their feed. The upside of the reels feature of Instagram is that accounts that don’t follow you can and will see your videos. This creates an opportunity to draw in new followers and expand your audience. Taking the time to create eye-catching reels, whether they are behind the scene office videos, or simply content display, can prove to be very valuable, not to mention the Instagram algorithm recently has heavily favored reel content.

IGTV Video: IGTV videos are a great way to showcase your brand. The IGTV format allows you to post videos up to 10 minutes long. These are showcased on your profile alongside your normal posts. IGTV videos can be used in a variety of ways to market your brand. Promotional videos for your new products, a day in the life of an employee or simply a tour of your new office building can raise engagement on your account.

Instagram Post: Last but certainly not least is the every day Instagram post. Instagram posts give you the option to display any type of content you please, whether that is photos, videos, graphics, etc. Normal Instagram posts pop up on your followers’ feeds, which is why they must be thorough and professional. By creating a variety of fun, interesting and informational content your page can become a magnifying glass for viewers to get a feel for your company and your message. Showcasing your products and your company in a positive light through your posts will do wonders for your customers’ satisfaction.

Utilize Instagram Highlights
As mentioned before, Instagram stories are a quick and easy method to boost content, but they can also be a permanent way to market your brand when used as a highlight. Typical stories only last for 24 hours, but you can save certain stories to be displayed underneath your bio as highlights. These highlights can be seen by people viewing your account, and are often grouped into categories based on the content of the post. This way your page is organized and neat, giving your future customers a great first impression. One thing to be careful of when using highlights is to not save everything because too many categories or too many stories within a category can be overwhelming to look at.


Instagram Ads
Unlike all of the previous Instagram marketing methods, this one requires digging into your pockets a bit. Instagram ads are often relatively inexpensive and they can expand your customer outreach. When creating ads for Instagram, keep in mind who your target audience is and tailor your ads around them. Provide a call-to-action and only display what information is necessary. Pictures often speak just as loud as words, and are much easier for customers to digest, especially younger audiences. Hyperlinks to your website provide users a one-click method straight to your product, which can generate sales as well.

There is no shortcut to creating growth with your business on Instagram, but there are statistically backed methods that work very well. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and if you consistently stick to the tips we provided today you will be pleasantly surprised by the positive trajectory that your business’s Instagram following takes.