How Professional Headshots Can Help You Make A Good Impression

man and woman professional headshots

Image is everything. That’s especially true in today’s social media-driven world. Currently, over three billion people use social media. About 69% of American adults say they have at least one social media site. Many have more. But individuals aren’t the only ones who use (and benefit from) social sites. Companies do, too. And for businesses, it is especially important to have an excellent public image. After all, the image you project can mean growth or decline in business. So what’s the key to a good impression?


Know Your Audience

A small coffee shop that’s just starting up is going to have a much different vibe and target audience than a five-star dining establishment. To appeal to your target audience, you’ll need to create an image that matches your company’s persona. A small, community-oriented business will want to have a comfortable, welcoming, and inviting vibe. If your goal is attracting high-end clientele, in contrast, you’ll need to create an image with luxury, class, and style.


Look the Part

Companies often have an end goal in sight of increasing revenue or sales by certain milestones. They believe their business tactics and work ethic are key to success. That’s undoubtedly true, but businesses often forget that their employees are essentially their company’s face to the world. In just 0.1 seconds, an individual forms an impression of a stranger. That means looks matter. If your company has a website, consider booking headshots in LA for your team if your employees’ photos are outdated or inconsistent with your brand’s identity.


Blend Branding With Image

Company branding is essentially the holistic practice of a company selling its services or products. It does not focus on one product individually. Corporate image, which is how your company appears to (and is perceived by) the world, is one aspect of branding. And considering it’s how consumers make a first impression of your business, it is imperative that corporate branding and your company’s image are synchronized and compatible.


Be Social

If your company isn’t yet on social media, now is the time to start! With the launch of eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay, people are buying products online in record numbers. Companies are also increasingly using the internet to hire employees. LinkedIn is the largest social media site for corporate interactions. But Facebook has power for companies, too. In 2019, seven million companies purchased paid advertising on Facebook. Roughly 53% of businesses used social sites for advertising.


Despite what some people say, image is everything. That certainly holds true for businesses, too! With more people using the internet, companies must put their best face forward. If you need help getting there, contact the image experts at Capturely. As the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles, we’ll help your business stand out from the crowd.