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When you hear about a movie but you don’t know if it’s good enough for you to spend your money to go see it, what do you do? You look for reviews. Whether that be through asking a friend that has already seen the movie or looking at the film’s Rotten Tomato score, you are actively searching for a reliable source so you can make an informed decision.

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When people look for reviews to guide their decision, they ultimately will take advice from someone or something they can trust. A close friend, presumably, is trustworthy. Rotten Tomatoes has established itself as a prominent source for movie grading, which makes its scores trustworthy.

The same principle applies to selling any product or service. If people can see that others like them enjoy your product, then they will feel much more comfortable doing business with you. Customer testimonials are a great way to provide first-hand evidence to more potential customers about the benefits of buying your service or product. These testimonials can be used as an effective marketing tool, and today I’m going to teach you exactly how to do just that.

Develop a relationship with customers

Convincing a customer to take their time to give a testimonial is not always easy. For them to feel incentivized to help you, you must first be helping them. It goes without saying that it is impossible to satisfy everyone, but only the happy ones are going to give testimonials that benefit you in generating more leads. This requires building a relationship with your customers based on trust. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to encourage others to do so. This process begins with a customer’s initial transaction.

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Creating a rewards system based on points and giving them access to exclusive deals are a couple of ways to incentivize your customers to become repeat customers. This is often not enough though, as most companies offer similar incentives. That’s where your brand image and being able to connect with customers on a personal level, especially your biggest customers, is crucial. Reach out to your top customers and ask politely for a review, or simply fill out a survey based on their experience. If you can get “Kathy, a 35-year-old mom of two young kids” to advocate for your product and display her testimonial on your website, then other moms with young kids will be able to relate to Kathy’s experience, effectively establishing trustworthiness. A diverse portfolio of testimonials can therefore draw in a wide range of customers.

Use various forms of content

Videos, short quotes, and ratings are just a few examples of testimonials. The most effective testimonials always include some visual media aspect. Videos are nearly entirely visual, testimonial quotes should be accompanied by photos, and even ratings should be accompanied by some type of visual graphic. It is important to utilize a combination of different forms of testimonials to reach the widest range of potential customers. Videos can tell stories, which is why it is important to use authentic customer testimonials.

Quotes should portray your company in a positive and relatable way and should be easily digestible. By portraying a wide variety of customer testimonials through different creative lenses with a focus on digital media, you will generate more leads.

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Feature testimonials through all mediums

Your best friend when it comes to expanding your reach in the digital age is utilizing every available marketing tool you have. Provide testimonials on your website, social media pages, email marketing chains, and any other form of digital marketing tool you use. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, but rather maximize your marketing efficiency by providing conveniently located testimonials as potential customers browse your sites, and pages and read your ads.

Customer testimonials are one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate more leads. It is proven that those customers who see positive reviews while shopping, are more likely to buy products and encourage others to do so. Here are some statistics that exemplify the importance of testimonials in lead generation.

Customer retention

Not only do customer testimonials generate customer satisfaction, but retention as well. Turning one-time purchasers into loyal customers is extremely valuable for your company in the long run.

To make loyal customers out of first-time buyers, you have to thank them and make it personal. By using their names in thank you emails, including them on exclusive deals, and making them feel like they are priority customers, you build trust. This trust leads to more sales, and many repeat customers will provide testimonials, which helps you generate more leads.