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Today’s business climate continues to evolve. However, tradeshows are a longtime part of business that still exist. Why are they popular? They continue to be heavily attended because they are effective. If you’re wondering how to get more traffic to your convention booth in 2022, here are a few suggestions.

Start Before the Show

It’s tough to get people excited for your tradeshow booth if they don’t know you’ll be there. Start before the show by sending emails out to your clients notifying them that you’ll have a booth there and information about what you intend to promote. This step will let them know that you’re thinking ahead. It’s also a great way to market your brand. The email will grab their attention, so they’ll be more likely to stop by your booth.

Consider sending out a survey before the show asking your clients about their expectations for the event. This will help you offer what they need. They may even give you ideas that you didn’t think of.

Take advantage of social media. Advertise on social media that you’ll be hosting a booth at the tradeshow. Social media is one of today’s most powerful marketing tools. It reaches a lot of people at once, so offer social media users an incentive for sharing your news. For instance, hold a drawing for a free product or service for those who tag someone else online as well as for those who tweet about it.

corporate photography

At the Show

Attract people to your booth at the tradeshow with:

  • Professional imagery
  • An attractive booth
  • Business videos
  • Interactive elements
  • Geofencing
  • Corporate event photography
  • Expert lighting
  • A good booth location
  • Friendly staff members
  • Food and beverages

Professional Imagery

To stand out from the competition, include corporate headshots of your team and managers. You’ll create trust by letting your current and potential clients see who is working behind the scenes of the company.

An Attractive Booth

Build an attractive tradeshow booth. Include elements like a quiet area where people can rest, a training section and appealing signs. You can use televisions to show off your product or service. Create a booth that features a fun vibe.

Capture the attention of attendees with the clothing that you and your booth workers decide to wear. For instance, you could all wear brightly colored trousers or ugly holiday sweaters.

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Expert Videos

Business videos are sure to attract the attention of attendees. Tradeshow floors are usually noisy and packed with people, which means that your booth needs something that will cut through the clatter. Create a video that’s eye catching and splashy, one that will tempt people your way to learn more.

Interactive Elements

To hold the attention of those who attend the show, include interactive elements. They are a great way to encourage people to learn more about your products or services. Interactives are engaging, and they help people determine if what you’re offering will help them. Interactives include:

  • Virtual reality
  • Tables with touchable items
  • Video walls

Interactive elements will help you create a station that people find fun and entertaining.


Take advantage of geofencing during the tradeshow. Geofencing takes a company’s marketing materials and sends it to potential customers based on where they are located. Along with increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your booth, geofencing also collects useful information about your potential clients. For instance, it can tell you where they spend their time and how much traffic your booth is getting. Use this information to improve your booth for future tradeshows.

Professional Photography

Use corporate event photography to highlight your products or services. Create brochures or handouts that feature professional images. Research has found that an estimated 90% of information that makes its way into people’s brains is visual. Along with this, visual images are typically processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. In something like 40 milliseconds, a person will establish conclusions based on a picture, so make sure that you’re using pictures that show your people at their best.

young professionals professional headshots
man in collard shirt professional headshots
man and woman professional headshots

Lighting for Interest

A booth that’s attractively lit will stand out to those who attend the tradeshow. Make sure that your booth’s lighting is happy and bright. If the area is dim or shadowy, then it may seem more ominous to attendees. Keep in mind that tradeshow vendors often overlook the importance of lighting, so this gives you the opportunity to shine. Lighting is a small investment that creates a positive opinion of your company.

It might be a good idea to highlight the company’s pictures and professional headshots that you intend to display during the show. Stop by your local home improvement store to purchase standing lights or light stands.

Choose a Good Booth Location

Ask the tradeshow organizers for a map of the floor and determine where the high-traffic areas will be. The high traffic areas at these types of events are usually near the entry points, exits, restrooms, snack booths and charging stations. Often, you can request an affordable spot close to a high-traffic area that’s not next to the entrance. Booths near the entrance are usually the highest price. Some tradeshows even feature row identifiers that make it easy for people to locate your booth.

Friendly Staff Members

Be sure to bring workers who are knowledgeable and friendly. It’s important to have people on hand who can answer questions about your company’s product or service. You’ll want booth staff members who are excited to be there and interested in interacting with show attendees.

Free Food and Beverages

One surefire way to attract people to your booth is to offer free food and beverages. If you decide to do this, include a sitting area where they can relax. You could also hold a few meetings in this space or share a short presentation every hour or so.

Consider providing free Wi-Fi and charging stations to those who stop by your booth. These amenities will keep show attendees at your booth longer, which will give you and your booth workers more time for networking.

After the Event

Once the event has concluded, you’ll still have tradeshow work to do. Follow up with networking connections. Doing this quickly often improves your return on investment or ROI. Ways to follow up with people include sending out an email thanking tradeshow attendees for stopping by your booth or distributing a post-show survey. A survey will help you see what worked well at the tradeshow and where you need to make improvements.

Share pictures from the tradeshow on your social media accounts. This step will help you promote your brand and your products with all of your followers.

Tradeshows are a great way to promote your company. They make it easy to connect with new and old customers as well as form networking opportunities with other vendors.

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