How Corporate Photography Unifies Your Brand & Supports Employee Retention

blond woman smiling for her professional headshots

One of the most vital components in building your brand and engaging your workforce is corporate photography. It perfectly pairs launching a brand platform and empowering employees, giving your staff the chance to show the world what your company (and their profession) is about. The photography market brings in around $10.5 billion in annual revenue. It’s a thriving field with a growth rate of roughly 1.6%. Not only is it a growing industry, but it is also a mature one. This means that, when you seek out corporate photography services, you’ll have a good chance of finding a professional who knows how to make your company look its best. Here are a few more benefits of using corporate photography to unify your brand and support longevity.

A Way to Communicate Your Company’s Personality

Use professional photography to share your company’s uniqueness and professionalism with your customers. In the past, corporate photography was limited to a few shots of smiling professional-looking subjects and handshakes between people wearing business suits and professional apparel. Often, companies would use stock pics for their corporate photography. Times have changed, and now, you have the option of applying it to develop your brand.

Show How You’re Different

According to 32% of marketers, visuals images are the most important type of content that they use. When you use corporate headshots for branding, you’ll be showing your customers how you’re different from the competition. A significant advantage of today’s corporate photography is that you can use it in more places. For instance, you’ll be using the images on your websites, in your brochures and on-location, increasing the longevity of your brand.

Getting the Right Shot

Statistics show that 24.7% of the photography business is commercial photography. This means that there are a lot of photographers out there who have experience taking the kind of photos that you need for your company. An experienced photographer will be more likely to get flattering shots of you, your staff, and your company. They’ll be able to suggest attractive poses, ones that show your company in its best light.

Getting the right shot for branding and longevity means taking photos that make your customers feel a connection to you and your business. Today’s corporate photographers know how to enhance your brand and avoid the cookie-cutter poses that you see all over the internet.

Conference/Convention Headshots

The most effective and engaging way to get employees to interact with branded employee headshots is to incorporate professional headshot photographers into annual conferences and conventions. Not only does it boost overall engagement of the event, it creates a unique environment for employees to interact, engage, and be themselves in front of the camera while in a professional setting.

Winning Corporate Headshots with Capturely

Corporate photography unifies your brand and brings about longevity by giving your customers an image that they can relate to. From large corporations to small startups, Capturely perfectly captures the essence of who you are and where your brand is going.