How a Professional Headshot Could Land You a Dream Job Abroad

woman professional headshots

We live in a visual world. People just like looking at photos. Pictures build trust and increase engagement. According to statistics, posts that feature an image have a 650% higher engagement level than ones lacking them. This means that a professional headshot could land you a dream job abroad.


The Ultimate First Impression

When recruiters view your business profile, the first thing that they’ll see is your headshot. Professional headshots ensure that they see you at your very best. A high-quality headshot will make you look professional. It will also give employers a positive first impression of who you are.


The Internet Has Changed Things

The internet is responsible for tearing down walls and getting rid of geographic boundaries. Today, it is easier to make connections with people from all around the world, increasing your chances of landing your dream job abroad. However, unlike real-world contact, communications that you engage in online may seem anonymous. Recruiters and employers will feel more comfortable discussing a work position with you remotely if they know what you look like since this makes your online presence more personal. Your headshot is your brand. Statistics show that 64% of people choose to work with a brand because they feel as though they share the same values. Show your values with a professional photo.


When Should You Include a Photo on Your Resume?

If your dream job is abroad, then it’s essential to know when to include a professional headshot. It depends on the country. For instance, don’t add a photo if you’re applying for a job in the United Kingdom or Ireland. These countries have strict labor and anti-discrimination laws. Companies must be able to show that the hiring processes they use are free from any type of profiling. If you’re applying for a job in Austria, France, Belgium, Spain, the Middle East, or South America, then professional headshots are welcome.


Business Headshots for Your Dream Job Abroad

If you intend to include a personal photo with your resume, then make sure that it’s a good shot. For this, consider hiring a corporate photographer, one who will know how to enhance your look, making you look both open and professional. It’s a good idea to use a professional picture for all of your social media platforms because recruiters may search for you online to gain insight about who you are. The right professional headshot can empower you and help you land your dream job abroad.