Four Reasons You Need Business Headshots on Your Company Website

man professional headshots

According to estimates, mankind has taken 3.8 trillion photos throughout history. People respond better to visual images. Statistics show that when people post photos on Facebook, the post receives 53% more likes than when they share a text-only post, which is why you should include photos on your company’s online pages. Here are four more reasons why you need staff headshots on your company website.


Headshots Give Customers Company Confidence

There’s a lot of fraud on the internet these days, so your future customers are likely cautious about getting into business with an unfamiliar company. People are uncomfortable when it comes to buying a service or a product from a company online if they haven’t been to the business in person first. Professional headshots can inspire the confidence they need to buy your service or product. When you share pics of your staff, it’s harder for potential customers to doubt the legitimacy of your business.


Staff Headshots Let Customers Assess Your Employees

Your employees are the people who provide the services or products that your customers need. Professional headshots let future customers assess your employees. If your employees look nice and confident in their photos, future customers will make a note of it when they’re viewing your website. Show your customers who works for you. It may inspire them to want to meet your staff.


A Competitive Advantage

While it can be tempting to save money by taking employee headshots with your smartphone, this is something that you should invest in. Doing so ensures that you’ll have the best possible photos of your staff posted on your website and social media pages. Get the best employee headshots by hiring a corporate photographer. Statistics show that 24.7% of today’s photography business is commercial photography, so there are several professionals available who will know how to get the best pictures of your workforce. They’ll take the photos using the right backdrops and with the best lighting. A professional will also know how to get people to relax so that they can get shots that your customers will respond to.


Headshots Give Your Online Presence a Professional Look

Customers want to do business with companies that look professional. Headshots give you this. When you use quality headshots, your company automatically gains a professional look and presence. Amazing employee headshots reveal your professionalism to future customers.


Humanize Your Brand With Business Headshots

Don’t overlook the importance of business headshots for your company’s online activities. Get them to convey professionalism on your website and social media pages while giving your customers confidence in your company. Be sure to hire a professional photographer to take the photos. That way, you’ll obtain the best possible headshots.