increase ROI

ROI, or Return On Investment, is a very important statistic that the top analysts in a business will look at in order to increase revenue and profit. One place in particular that all businesses want to maximize their ROI is their website. The website should be the hub for all information about the company brand and its product or service being offered. It should be seen as one of the most crucial aspects of the entire business structure. Therefore, maximizing revenue generated from that website while minimizing expenses should be prioritized as a day to day objective. Thus, here are 4 ways your business can increase ROI on your website.

#1 Use Custom Images

The best way to increase return on investment for your website is to utilize custom images. In particular, you want to use images that exemplify what your business does, the culture of your team/brand, or simply to just put a name with a face, for example. Typically, images are the first thing that a consumer will notice when viewing a website. Adding photos can substantially increase conversion rates on the website; about a 40% increase in conversion rates for all businesses to be more exact. This increase in activity from consumers can be extremely beneficial to a growing business.

Today, social media has funneled consumers to new businesses at exponential rates. Whether through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or the various other platforms out there, social media is in the hands of essentially all consumers. Seen most commonly throughout each of these platforms are customized photos. There is an old adage that says that a photo speaks a thousand words and in today’s environment, this couldn’t be any more true. Connecting the photos to be used on social media with those on your website will certainly increase your website’s ROI. Capturely can offer many types of photos that can be used for your website. Photos such as team photos, portrait photos, and many other types of photos would all be great additions to your business.

#2 Social Media Usage
Tying into the first point, social media usage is a great way to increase ROI and internet traffic for a business, especially in the social media-dominated world today. The average social media user spends 145 minutes on social media every single day. This gives plenty of time for a wide range of consumers to view your business so long as it can catch their eye. That is where Capturely steps in as the differentiation factor. Social media users can come from the social media page and click on an attached link in your business’s bio, giving your business another way to increase traffic. Just like using custom images on your website, using custom images on your social media is an effective way to increase your ROI.

Social media plays a vital role in marketing for businesses, and it is especially important for newer companies starting to make a name for themselves. In fact, 55% of consumers learn about new brands on social media. In this digital age, social media branding is arguably the most important and effective way to reach a multitude of different consumers. These engagements with consumers lead to the fact that studies show 78% of consumers are willing to buy a product from a company after a positive interaction with them on social media. So not only can social media increase traffic, but it can lead to a greater output for the company in growing the business. Capturely can be at the center of all this with our wide variety of photography seen here.

increase ROI

#3 User Generated Content
User-generated content is any content created by a loyal member of a company’s fanbase. So, instead of a business using content they created themselves, another approach might be to display something a member of their community created. A common use of user-generated content that is seen is a customer review page. This can be posted on a company’s website that is easily accessible so others can see what to truly expect through the eyes of a consumer.

A business can grow at a very high rate with the use of user-generated content. A non-profit health care association had their internet traffic jump 228% in just 12 months of using user-generated content to promote their work. A business will always promote itself to be effective and reliable. Consumers these days expect that. However, more trust can be built in a brand if many other people are talking and writing about its pedigree. Blogs, review pages, and other user-generated spotlights are essential to any business looking to increase ROI.

#4 Test Out Email Campaigns
Lastly, a highly effective way to increase ROI on your company’s website is to test the waters with email campaigns. Email campaigning is a great tool to get a message across to hundreds of potential consumers with very little expense. Email marketing has shown through insights to return $38 for every dollar spent. Along with this, 59% of business-to-business marketers claim that email marketing campaigns are the most effective revenue generator for their company.

Email campaigning should be a no-brainer for most organizations. An effective email does not need to be extremely long in order to get a point across. The email also should catch the eyes of consumers in a unique way. Through this, conversion rates will increase and so will revenue and ROI.

increase ROI

Increasing ROI should always be at the top of a business’s to-do list. These methods not only can jumpstart that, but they can also sustain as well. They all have had a great history with growing business ROI. All of these methods should be ones your business considers in the future.

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