Facial Expressions to Practice for Business Headshots 

When you are choosing what kind of expression you want in your headshot you want to make sure you know two important things.


1. What are these photos for?

Are they for your new about us page on your company website or your Linkedin profile image


2. What do you want these images to say about you?

How do you want them to represent your brand and your business?

Whatever your goals might be, your photographer will help direct you so that your images will convey confidence, competence, approachability, and trustworthiness.


How do you achieve that?


Here is something we like to do at Capturely called The Three S’s.

  • Serious

  • Smirk

  • Smile

woman professional headshots

The Three S’s give you a way to start from a relaxed place and then increase your range of expression gradually.

Once the photo session begins, start slow, try taking a few photos with a serious or neutral expression. Don’t do too much with your face or eyes. Just take a breath, look into the camera, and think about one word you want people to say about your image. After a few photos, try smirking. A smirk is easy to do and gives a little more warmth to a picture without being too much. After a few more photos, smile. As soon as you feel your smile start to falter, you can let it go and go through the three S’s again. The key is to take it slow between each of your expressions. It may feel like you’re not doing a lot but the difference between each subtle expression will really help to look confident, competent, approachable and trustworthy.

woman professional headshots
professional headshots

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