Enhance Your Corporate Event with Onsite Headshot Photos

young woman professional headshots

Corporate events are a great way to motivate and unify your team. Consider holding one to reward your staff at the end of a profitable year. While some companies go all out with celebrity concerts and dance groups, one of the most popular things to do at one of these events is to offer headshot photos. In today’s selfie-driven world, everyone likes to see themselves in photographs. Here are a few other reasons to include headshot photos in your corporate event.


You’ll Get a Uniform Look.

If your company is big with a lot of employees, then gathering everyone together for corporate headshots can be a challenge. A significant event may be the best time to get your staff together in one place. It’s the perfect time for group shots and to get uniform professional images for your company material. Capturing authentic and professional images requires professional photography. Currently, there are more than 194,000 photography businesses in the country, with companies buying around 34% of all photography services. Approximately 24.7% of photography services are for commercial purposes like advertising and marketing. This means that you’ll be able to hire a professional to give you the headshots that you need.


More Value

By offering professional headshots during your next corporate event, you’ll be showing your staff that you value them. Pictures are an excellent way for those who attend the event to get a professional headshot, one that they can use for their social media pages and network with clients. This type of pic is a morale booster since it will show every member of your staff how amazing they can look when the right photographer is behind the camera. The photography market is a growing one with a yearly growth rate of 1.6%, so there are several photographers available who know how to take corporate shots.


You’ll Save Time and Money.

Some companies bring a photographer out every time they hire a new staff member. This can be costly since you’ll have to pay a photographer to come to you more frequently. By hiring a professional photographer to go to your corporate event and take pictures of your staff, you’ll save time because you’ll be taking care of these pictures at one time. You’ll have just one vendor to deal with, one photography invoice to pay, and one email chain to oversee. Headshots at your corporate event keep things simple and convenient.


Enhance Your Corporate Event with Onsite Headshot Photos

Headshots show your company’s human side while giving your business a professional appearance. Business headshots help your company stand out from the competition, and one of the best ways to get them is at a corporate event.