Amazon began more than 25 years ago, in 1995. At the time, the company had just sold books. After being in business for one month, it sent books to more than 45 different countries. Today, Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce retailers in the world. Last year, the eCommerce giant reported an estimated $232 billion in sales.

Statistics show that around 54% of shoppers begin their search for a product on Amazon. Along with this, a whopping 40% of consumers buy at least one item from the company a month. This means that partnering with Amazon can be a good move for companies. If you’re considering it, you’ll need to know how to develop a product listing that includes product photography for Amazon. 

 Does Amazon Accept 360 Photography for Product Listings?

 Product imagery on Amazon is fantastic because, as a vendor, you’ll have the majority of the control over how you decide to display your product. There are many ways to show consumers what you’re selling, but Amazon brought the advanced 360-degree photography to its platform in 2018.

 Amazon has millions of sellers, so introducing new technology is never easy. When the company decided to offer this advanced photography option to sellers, it wanted to prevent technical issues. Therefore, Amazon initiated a pilot project to ensure control over the launch. 

 The new picture technology is working well. After the beginning 60-day pilot, the company offered it as a standard feature for specific vendors. Amazon saw a higher conversion rate happening with these vendors, so it expanded the photography feature to many of its product categories, including: 

  • Furniture 
  • Home improvement 
  • Home 
  • Pets 
  • Baby 
  • Lawn and garden 
  • Kitchen 
  • Sports and outdoors 
  • Automotive 
  • Camera 
  • Toys 

What are the Benefits of 360-Degree Photography?

The benefits of 360-degree photography include giving your consumers a clear picture of what they’re buying. This type of imagery speaks to people. It also gives them a better idea about the quality of your company. Descriptive imagery can even make them more tempted to visit your website. Statistics show that businesses that display 360 photographs receive 10% more attention from people shopping online than businesses that aren’t offering it yet. 

 Shoppers tend to spend more time looking at 360-degree pictures, which means that they’ll have less time to check out your competition. Your Amazon photo prints will get the attention that you need to see higher profits. 

 Along with making your website operate more efficiently, 360 imagery increases profits. According to statistics, this type of photography is an estimated 46% more lucrative than still photos. When businesses use HD immersive pictures properly, they see around a 135% increase in their profit margins.

 To ensure that you’re enjoying the full advantage of this type of photography, you’ll want to confirm that it goes together with your other advertising and sales strategies. 

 A significant benefit of adding 360-degree imagery to your Amazon business account is making the mobile experience better for people. According to a study conducted in 2018, about 58% of online views were made on a mobile device. Along with this, 42% of the time that people spend online happens on a mobile device. 

 These days, sales are being processed on mobile devices more and more. Because of this, Amazon is encouraging its sellers to focus on its mobile platform. With 360-degree imagery, you can improve the shopping experience for your customers. This type of photography lets customers move the product around in a variety of directions using their fingers. Customers don’t usually recall what previous images looked like. This is especially the case several images back. 

 Take Advantage of Video Marketing 

 Amazon is also now including video search ads in its platform. The company’s goal for the video option is to make them more informational. Videos can help customers make better purchasing decisions. Developing product videos can cost companies thousands of dollars, but a 360-degree spin video can show a customer the exact product details in less than 10 seconds. The addition of a 360-degree spin video is affordable, efficient, and informative. 

 To stay on top, Amazon takes frequent steps to update and enhance its platform. The company noticed that its visual shopping capabilities could be improved, so to help consumers, the company added an option called “Scout Search.” This option lets consumers rate products using a thumbs up or a thumbs down rating. When a shopper gives a product a thumbs-up rating, the eCommerce company will load similar products. This will let them see more items in the category that are available on Amazon. The Scout Search option lets shoppers review additional products using just pictures, making expert pictures like professional apparel photography more critical than ever.

What You Need to Know About Amazon’s Product Image Requirements 

 If you don’t comply with the requirements for Amazon photo prints, then your listing will be hidden. It won’t be displayed on the company’s product search results. To prevent that from happening, make sure that your image: 

  • Is displayed in the proper format 
  • Features the correct dimensions 
  • Comes in the required color mode 
  • Has a file name that includes the product identifier completed with a period and the correct file extension

 The company also has requirements for primary product images. For instance, each image must be photographed professionally. This means that you can’t use a drawing or an illustration of the product. Amazon does not permit sellers to add gratuitous or confusing objects to product pictures. A product image must be sharp and well-lit. It will need to feature realistic colors and smooth edging.

 Do not include cases with any jewelry photography. Ensure that the product takes up at least 85% of the picture frame and that the entire product is in the frame. The product must be displayed on a white background, and it should not feature text or graphics. This is why it’s a good idea to hire a professional company for your Amazon photography. 

 How to Make the Most of 360-Degree Photography 

 To get the most out of 360-degree images:

  1. Determine the best angle for your product. You may want the image to roll directly around the product or shift down from the top.
  2. Decide how far away to shoot the image.
  3. Make sure that the image is displayed in a way that works best with your marketing plan. You’ll want to confirm that the name of the product is visible and that your consumers can determine its size and how to use your product.
  4. When you decide to invest in 360-degree imagery, select a professional photography company, one that has experience taking these types of images. 

 The Best Product Photography for Amazon 

 Work with a professional photography company that offers e-commerce product photography services. That way, you can make sure that your imagery is done according to Amazon’s requirements. By embracing the company’s image technology, you will be more likely to enjoy higher sales and decreased complaints since your customers will be able to see your products more clearly. 

 When you work with Capturely, you’ll receive professional product imagery that will pass the Amazon photography requirements. We hire professional photographers around the country. For more information, contact us today.

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