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The McDonalds Arches. The Nike Swoosh. The Apple. These are some of the most recognizable brands in the world today. Not only have these three companies produced extraordinarily successful products, but they have also mastered the art of branding their company.

How successful would Phil Knight be without his simple, yet masterminded branding? What about Ray Kroc or Steve Jobs? Content marketing and branding have become one of, if not the most pivotal aspects of any company’s marketing strategies today.

The way a company portrays itself to the public can create a culture, family, and identity that consumers can feel as if they are a part of. Before we get into some types of content marketing, exactly what is content marketing?

  • Theme 
  • Event location 
  • Party date 
  • Party time 
  • Number of people who will be attending 
  • Décor 
  • Event agenda
  • Type of food and beverages to get 

You’ll also want to hire a professional photographer who has experience taking corporate headshots. Company holiday parties are popular events. According to an article in Forbes, an estimated 76% of companies planned to hold one in 2019.

Last year, companies had to go about holiday parties differently due to the pandemic, with some opting out and others holding virtual events. This year, people are starting to feel comfortable mingling again. Still, you might want to consider planning a small event with just your workforce instead of a big party that includes your company’s employees and their family members.


In a broad sense, content marketing is a strategy to create and share relevant information or sources in order to attract an audience. In other words, content marketing answers the important questions about your company’s product that the potential consumers want answers to. By implementing content marketing, you can set apart your product or service from any other product or service out there in the market. You can accomplish this through direct communication to consumers about the benefits of exploring what type of consumer experience they would receive from your company over another, effectively beating out the competition.

Within content marketing comes the idea of the content marketing funnel. The content marketing funnel is a multi-stage process that has a few different interpretations. However, the main idea is that the consumer first receives awareness of the company’s product or service. Then, the consumer learns about the product and considers purchasing the product.
Lastly, the purchase is executed and the consumer is satisfied.

So how can your business benefit from the content marketing funnel? Your business should create a funnel that allows the message of your brand to get out into the public eye. Starting with advertisements for awareness and blog posts for consumers to consider are a couple of great examples that large businesses use today. Next, we will explore more specifically what defining your brand really means.

One’s brand is the public representation of what your business stands for and wants to be remembered as. More importantly, the brand invokes certain emotions from consumers as they associate those emotions with the sight of your logo or hearing the name of your company. Seeing the famous Mercedes Benz logo could make a consumer think “luxury car” or “expensive.” Maybe seeing the Disney logo makes a consumer think of “family” or “amusement park.” The very brand of a company holds onto the reputation of the company, as consumers may subconsciously think back to their personal experiences that they have had with the product. That is why it can be very important to have a good content marketing plan in order to ensure consumers associate your company with feelings and memories that were intended with the creation of your brand.

So what are some ways to use content creation in your business’s marketing? Below are a few tips that can take your website to the next level.

On a website, there are tons of different things that are typically taken for granted. Consistent colors, fonts, tone, images, and many other small details are very important to the website. This is the style guide for your content marketing. The style guide should be a list of consistencies set in stone on your website. Without this, your website may appear sloppy and could potentially turn customers away. The style guide gives your business its own personality if one had not been established already.

Similar to the style guide, you need an overall strategy in your content marketing. What is your main goal? How will you get there? Where are your areas of focus to reach your goals? These are just a few questions you may want to ask in order to put together a clear and focused plan. This will ultimately guide all that is done throughout the content marketing process. It can even include a schedule as to when to release certain content. Similar to the style guide, it is a small detail that will end up becoming very useful in the long run due to its innate structure.

Determining the target audience will also determine what type of branding content you may want to put out. The audience of a company can determine a lot. Some things that may be influenced are culture, style, tone, diction, and even colors used on your website. Branded content on other platforms as well is also a great way to reach a certain target audience. For young people, maybe using TikTok or Snapchat to show short videos of your product could be an effective way to reach the audience. For middle-aged adults, perhaps Facebook or Pinterest is the way to reach that audience. Whether or not the actual information changes does not matter. However, the way or style that it reaches an audience proves to be a crucial part of marketing and a business’s success.

What type of story do you want to tell? What do you want your audience to think of when they think of your business? These are the questions that are answered when you determine what the narrative of your business will be. Let the audience know what is going on behind the scenes so it feels personalized and like a family. This can guide the brainstorming process when deciding how to create branded content. This is also another great way to set yourself apart from competitors in the same field.

Lastly, simplicity and consistency are important to keep in mind throughout any content done for your website. Making information easily digestible and short typically is the right route to go in order to reel potential customers in. That is why video marketing can be a great tool to use in any content marketing brand. Short videos that briefly explain or hook consumers to become more curious are extremely valuable. Then, once they are interested, then a consumer can read longer, more in-depth information about your product. Consistency is similar to the style guide mentioned above, but this also means consistency in your message, style, target audience, and methods of marketing. Consumers do not want you to change them. They value your business for a number of reasons. So it is best not to run the risk of losing them due to a sudden change or inconsistent messaging.

Company Branding Content is a very important piece of the puzzle in any business’s website, big or small. Determining how to put out the correct content can be a difficult process at times. However, do not be afraid of the process and the trial and error of creating branding content. Continue to use what works and learn from the mistakes made. Regardless, branding content in a content marketing plan is not only recommended but necessary.