To show their workforces how much they’re appreciated, most companies have a holiday party. These parties are a great way to show your employees appreciation by offering them tasty food and professional business headshots. With the proper planning, you’ll be able to give your workforce a celebratory experience that boosts morale, increases worker satisfaction, and maintains retention levels. Consider these seven tips to plan an incredible company holiday party.

1. Start with the Basics 

When planning a major party, it’s essential to outline the event details. Plan things like the: 

  • Theme 
  • Event location 
  • Party date 
  • Party time 
  • Number of people who will be attending 
  • Décor 
  • Event agenda
  • Type of food and beverages to get 

You’ll also want to hire a professional photographer who has experience taking corporate headshots. Company holiday parties are popular events. According to an article in Forbes, an estimated 76% of companies planned to hold one in 2019.

Last year, companies had to go about holiday parties differently due to the pandemic, with some opting out and others holding virtual events. This year, people are starting to feel comfortable mingling again. Still, you might want to consider planning a small event with just your workforce instead of a big party that includes your company’s employees and their family members.

2. Select a Good Time for the Party 

The best time for a company holiday party is during lunchtime or after hours. According to holiday party statistics collected by Battalia Winston, about half of the unique corporate events held in 2013 were held during the lunch hour. If you have the type of business that requires someone to be available to help customers during the hours that you’re open, then you may need to extend the length of the party and let your workers switch off. That way, everyone will feel appreciated, and your customers will still receive service.

When you hold a company party during the lunch hour, it will not only save costs, but you will also be requesting less personal time from your workforce. If you need to hold the party during the evening, then consider what night of the week is best for everyone. 

While a Friday night might seem like the best choice, it’s also a popular night for people to go out to restaurants and other venues. This means that it’s the most expensive day of the week to hold an event. 

3. Recruit Helpers for the Event

Select people from your staff to help you plan the event. Be sure to ask the correct number of people to help you. Also, try to choose those who are good at planning memorable events. If you put together a small team, the planning process will probably be smoother, more affordable, and completed quickly. If your company is large, you may need a bigger team to make sure that more peoples’ voices are heard to plan a party with greater diversity. 

 Regardless of the team size, go with people who can influence other workers in positive ways. It’s better for the planning process when your team works together.

  1. Show Your Appreciation with Headshots for Company Website 

An easy way to show your workers that you appreciate their efforts is to offer professional headshots at the holiday party. Your workforce is sure to welcome business headshots. They can use these pics for their private website, or you can use the corporate headshots for the company’s website. 

Be sure to hire an expert photography company to take business headshots during the holiday party. That way, you can get candid shots of your employees at the event and professional headshots. According to statistics, people recall just 10% of the information they read, while a picture can improve their ability to remember something by 65%. Along with this, customers are an estimated 60% more likely to reach out to a business when a picture is displayed during an online search. 

5. Consider Hosting the Annual Party Off-Season 

Instead of hosting a traditional Christmas party or July 4th barbecue, consider holding your company’s annual party during a different time of the year. The first week or two of October is an excellent time for a party, as is the last week of January. By holding your annual party off-season, you’ll have access to more venues. This choice will also make catering more affordable, which may allow you to give each employee a lovely gift card or other more expensive thank you present. 

The downside to holding the annual party off-season is that your workers may not remember to attend the event as quickly, so if you decide to move it, then be sure to advertise it a lot to make sure that they come. 

6. Plan an Affordable Company Holiday Party Menu 

There are several ways to save money on food for your company’s holiday party while still offering your people a tasty meal. Plated meals are usually more affordable than buffets. They are also a more elegant dining experience than waiting to dish up a plate in a food line. This year, people might be more comfortable with plated dining than a buffet due to the continuing pandemic. 

Plan your party menu around the theme. Also, select décor and other items that bring in the theme colors that you’ve selected. This doesn’t mean that you have to rent pricey linens or other decorative elements. Instead, shop for affordable décor and use things like flowers or fresh fruit as the centerpieces. If you are offering alcohol at the party, limit it by handing out drink tickets to reduce your alcohol costs. 

You can hold the party at a venue that offers standard holiday décor and meal pricing to decrease your event costs while still giving your staff a fun night out. 

7. Send Your Staff an Event Etiquette Reminder 

 To ensure that everyone has a good time, send out an email reminder featuring proper event etiquette. Before the party, establish a few ground rules for those who plan to attend the party. Include reminders like: 

  • Don’t eat or drink too much 
  • Don’t arrive before the start of the party 
  • Leave when the event ends 
  • Wear appropriate clothing 
  • Only bring the allotted number of guests 

 The company party is meant to bring your staff together during a celebration when inhibitions are down, but be sure to remind your people that they will continue to represent the business even during after-work functions. Give them a gentle reminder that you will expect them to behave in a proper way for the workplace. 

 Show Your Appreciation with Business Headshots 

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