How To Avoid Dull Corporate Events By Offering Activities Professionals Want

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A corporate event isn’t just a chance to escape the office. It’s a great time to network, strengthen relationships, and showcase your company in the best light. When well-executed, it is a perfect chance to make a positive lasting impression, get new clients, and form partnerships. To make the event memorable in a good way, you’ll need to think outside the box to give guests an action-packed day of activities. Here are some ideas to make your conference in Los Angeles stand out while keeping your company’s goals, theme, and event setting in mind.


Headshot for Events

A professional headshot is a gift that keeps on giving. LinkedIn profiles that have a professional headshot get 31 times more views than those that don’t have eye-catching images. Profiles with professional headshots also get 36 times more messages from prospective clients, business partners, and recruiters. A professional headshot gives a company’s website more credibility and even provides insight into employees’ personalities and the company’s vibe. Given all these benefits, there’s no reason not to include corporate headshots Los Angeles in your event.


DIY Food and Drink Stations

A champagne bar. Creative cocktails. Live-stirring wok demonstrations and the opportunity to make your pastries. These things probably sound appealing to you. And they certainly appeal to event attendees, too! Everyone enjoys good food and drinks, especially when they’ve been on their feet all day. Having an interactive station with food and beverages will draw the crowds and make visitors happy. It’s a great way to interact with attendees in an engaging, informal, but still productive manner.


Creative Swag Stations

Everyone loves free things. But if they have something they’ll like and use, even better. Giving away generic shirts, lanyards, and key chains is a nice gesture, but it’s not always valuable or memorable. Installing a customizable gifts station at your event is a great way to get attendees’ attention and send them away with a meaningful gift. And when they walk around with a beautiful custom shirt or coffee mug displaying your company’s name, chances are good they’ll start conversations.


Contests and Prizes

Contests are a fun way to bring out your attendees’ competitive spirits. Having a bit of friendly competition at your event is a good icebreaker. It also gives people a chance to learn about your company as they compete for cash prizes, gift certificates, consumer goods, and other items. To save money and make contests relevant, consider having your company’s products or services as a top prize that people can win.


Corporate events are a perfect opportunity to show off your company. Next time you need ideas for a standout event, try incorporating some of these elements into your program. You can easily contact Capturely for Los Angeles corporate headshots to provide visitors with a personal, memorable, and valuable experience. We will gladly make your LA event one to remember.