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Attentive managers notice when their employees start to exhibit signs of low morale. This may include less interest in collaborating with team members and poor performance. The best way to deal with low morale is to implement positive changes before it has a chance to settle in. This may include checking in with people frequently, providing employee recognition and offering professional headshots. Here are six easy ways to increase employee happiness at the office.

1. Communicate with Your Employees Frequently

Employees experience more job satisfaction when their managers communicate with them frequently. Be sure to share good company news with them such as the details of a new product or service being offered. Also, you’ll improve morale when you tell them that they’ve received positive customer reviews and good vendor feedback.

Check-in with your staff often. Ask them questions like:

  • How are you handling your job responsibilities?
  • Do you like your coworkers?
  • Are you happy when you’re at work?
  • Is there any way I can make your job better?

Hold frequent one-on-one sessions with your employees. According to a Workplace Report, an estimated 82% of workers who received weekly one-on-one meetings with their managers confirmed that they felt that they were getting enough support from their senior staff.

For your employees to get the most from their solo meetings with you, establish a meeting structure. That way, you can streamline the process. You’ll spend less time on non-important issues and more time focusing on where they need your support at work, increasing trust, overall engagement and production levels.

professional headshots

2. Provide Employee Recognition

Increase employee happiness by recognizing the good things that they are doing for the company. When your people feel appreciated, they’ll have better self-worth and be more productive at the office.

Studies show that employees who are given positive recognition on a regular basis experience:

  • Better self-esteem
  • Higher productivity levels
  • More work engagement
  • Enhanced company loyalty
  • Better interactions with customers

Employee recognition is a simple and effective way to increase worker morale. There’s no better way to make your people feel as though you value them for the work that they do. It’s also great for employee retention. Recognition is low cost, and it comes with a positive company impact.

Simple ways to provide employee recognition include sharing fun stories about those who work for you and recounting their successes. Celebrate important milestones like anniversaries, birthdays and new babies. Let your staff nominate one another for special awards, and when you hire new employees, welcome them in fun ways.

professional headshots

3. Offer Professional Headshots

As a part of employee growth, offer business professional headshots. This will set your people up to achieve success. Your employees will appreciate professional headshots because they’ll not only have a quality photo of themselves to share on the company website, but they can also use it to advance their careers.

Depending on how you want to present your company, you can offer your employees basic business headshots, professional photos that include an enhanced background or ¾ body shot photos. When you hire a professional company to take expert pics, you’ll improve morale because expert photographers know how to make people look their best.

According to statistics, new professional corporate headshots result in a 76% increase in how capable the person in the photo seems. Business professional headshots also cause a 9% increase in likeability and an increase of 62% in how influential the person in the photo appears.

Help your employees develop their professional skills by giving them the support that they need to perform their job well. For instance, make sure that you keep their training current and give them opportunities to advance their careers.

Give your workers the chance to develop personally too by helping them improve their soft skills like empathy, communication and emotional acumen. The addition of soft skills readies people

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4. Get Rid of the Company Jerks

One of the simplest ways to boost employee morale is to get rid of people who treat others poorly. If you can eliminate jerks from upper management, it will have a greater impact on how happy people are at work. It has a greater impact than promotions or even raises.

Rodger Dean Duncan, an executive coach, defines jerks as people who “intimidate, condescend, or demean, swear, behave rudely, belittle people in front of others, give only negative feedback, lie, act sexist or racist, withhold critical information, blow up in meetings and use fear as a motivator.”

Train your management team to coach people better. Teach them to keep an eye out for people’s unique talents. Then, create an environment that supports their abilities. This will help your company stay on its feet when times get tough.

Help your workers develop job descriptions that line their career aspirations up with what the company needs. Doing this automatically helps employee morale. It will also increase overall engagement with the business and improve productivity.

5. Build Trust

A survey conducted by Slack about the future of work found that an estimated 80% of employees want information about how their company’s higherups make decisions. Along with this, about 87% of employees want to work for a company that’s transparent.

Employee happiness can only become so high when people don’t trust their leaders. It makes sense that workers wouldn’t want to communicate or contribute in meaningful ways if they don’t feel safe doing so while working.

Make sure that your managers receive coaching about how to provide actionable feedback. Train your managers so that they’re effective leaders while maintaining extreme transparency.

When you provide feedback, avoid making it so generic that your employee is confused about how to take it. This means that no one in your company would keep the information quiet on purpose. If an employee asks a question, then give them an answer always.

By prioritizing transparency and keeping communication open, you’ll find it easier to tell your people about organizational changes, decrease job uncertainty and keep people excited about new things that are happening.

6. Encourage a Fun Work Environment

The best way to increase employee happiness at the office is to encourage them to have fun. Work is a serious thing, so there are times when you’ll need to keep things professional. However, look for times when you can relax and laugh with your employees. This is a great way to connect.

Take your people to lunch or breakfast when it makes sense and offer fun experiences like trips to the movies or a local amusement park. Make sure that your people are taking proper work breaks. According to research, just one in five people stop working to take a lunch break. The study also found that white-collar workers are the least likely to do so.

People are more creative and innovative when they have a change of scenery. This is even more true when they spend time in a natural environment, so if they stay inside during the day, it’s likely diminishing their ability to form new ideas and have those brilliant moments.

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